15mm Cuban Link Bracelet

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15mm Gold Plated Cuban Link Bracelet 8in

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oceandrive13 says:

Shit is wack

jacob Ortiz says:

I could buy that gum machine

MrFuchew says:

does not go hard. buy real shit man if you can only afford a small one then get that and at least know your not wearing costume jewlery

JD5 says:

Nice video bro ! You deserve a positive comment even if it’s fake !

toro505 says:

fake bullshit like girls an there fake ass wigs

David Gonzes says:


Jorge rick Martinez says:

thats called fools gold lmao!!!!

chris stix says:


Richard Russ says:

Is it 18 Carat? Show the stamps next time.

EatIt2000 says:

it sounds cheap when you move it around

_InsertNameHere_ says:

The quality of this chain not to mention the plated part is fucking terrible, even for a fake.

Duane Dodson says:

The difference between a Cuban link and a Curb Chain is the Cuban link is handmade. That chain is definitely not handmade. It is a cheap ass Curb chain. That chain is probally worth $1.99.

Terrance Money says:

definitely fake somebody in the hood faking chains lmao

sean says:

It go hard

jacob Ortiz says:

you want too get shot wearing fake stuff that people think it’s real

rhymegarden says:

pvd is the only plating process that lasts. It’s generally a lot more expensive and high end fashion brands use it but it lasts for years if you take care of it. The $5 to $10 shit on ebay starts rubbing off in a week. If you didn’t pay at least $50 for a gold plated bracelet it won’t last long not even worth fooling around. If you can’t afford solid gold at least get some plated gold that will last.

Bapari Forid says:

good call me you

neoarcadezr says:

egad man cut ur nails ….:-(

mdk29 says:

This shit is wanna-be gold.

27suzukirider says:

This nikka got ink he can probably afford the real thing.. bet he just switches up here and there, a new style every once in a while

HITESH patel says:

prices bracelet do

HITESH patel says:

prices bracelet do

Nate Wayne1 says:

fake fake fake you blacks with your bling and J’s haha

Brad Arnison says:

Why do people buy this shit

ian clayton says:

brother come on dont even review that throw it in the garbage come on now brothers need to be wearing official stuff come on bro seriously !! save up cro go buy some real jewellery that jewllery you buying is all hollow listen to the sound of it is even solid gold or gold plated listen do yourself a favor save up and buy something legit

boonmee rinpol says:

very nice

Richie Grillo says:

lmao I can tell by jow it sounds it’s not gold that shit is fake as fuck

Dominick Ray says:

Fake stuff

TARGETin1080p says:


Eat U Raw says:

cheap trash, probably value 3-5 usd

TeamGeezy says:

I once lost a $800 bracelet on a party boat over 15 years ago…still think about it and if I had to lose it I wish it was a $70 gold plated one.

Mārtiņš Balodis says:

Its All fake Anyways…

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