15mm Miami Cuban Link liry’s jewelry review

Liry’s jewelry is there youtube channel and this is there website https://lirysjewelry.com


Oldsey says:

Only buy Italian jewelry. Don’t buy this stuff. It is cheap and doesn’t meet the requirements of Italian jewelry

tell Meade saint says:

How much u paid for the chain and hand chain

Pheezy420 REEFER says:

Would you sell the 8mm Cuban?!? Wait. 10k nvm that’s a house car and college fund!

Ese Kike says:

Nice set bro…

Danny 1223 says:

Good vid bro! I have a 212 gram14k I got from Daniel there @ Liry’s myself I’m doing the up grade soon getting a 450 gram 14k. One question how comfortable is that 500 grams around your neck ? That’s the only thing I’m worried about is the weight lol

gerard moore says:

Ouch! 10 racks?! I just paid 10 racks for a 18k, 8mm 26 inch Miami Cuban. CDN dollars btw.

Tony B says:

Show what it looks like wearing it… to much talk.

Money Trigz says:

nice video thanks

E. Africanus says:

Nice set sir. Its gonna look hotttt wearing it

And WOWWWW 10k for an 8mm? The person who sold you that with a straight face is a piece of shit

Lirys seems pretty solid, their profits seem to be kept to the 20% of the price mark or so when i calculate gold value and include some labor. Which is a very solid deal for anyone buying. Thanks for sharing sir

Axel says:

Damn thats a serious chain!

Axel says:

Keep these reviews coming brother! I just subbed to the channel

NeV MeV says:

Dry snitching on yourself to the IRS.

Derek says:

Great video brother keep them coming my son loves jewelry just like yours lol I wear all gold but I buy my son sterling silver lol he’s only 5

lionel santibanes says:

Very nice on the details and specifications.

Peter Farmer says:

How much you paid for bracelet and chain?

Thomas Tommy says:

Why can’t you buy the big chains in around 9 or 10 Grams?? That way it would be a few hundred dollars. Not thousands of dollars.

Derek says:

It’s shinier because lirys plates there gold if u get 14karat I think they add 18k plating to make it shinier I believe I saw it in one of his videos

neoarcadezr says:

how much did u pay for the one at the mall vs liry one


very good video well done

Dabadass Maidana says:

Nice review. Is there any way the dad can put the chain on ? I’m looking into purchasing a Miami Cuban link chain too. But I’m torn between the 28inches or 30inch and it would of help me decide. If you can’t it’s all good thanks in advance

Pheezy420 REEFER says:

Yeah that one Cuban 512 grams is easy 16k n that’s just in scrap gold value. Next time check your local pawn shops I’ve seen iced our Cubans go for 8k and less or more trust me and then you can deal with a pawn shop. I would definitely check one out next time if I wore you.

Tequisa Holloway says:

I would be so scared to wear jewelery like this

Carlos Padilla says:

Very good video carnal, Big Pimpin’ wow everything is top notch, you can never go wrong with Liry’s jewelry! Always the best price! I have a 189g. Cuban I’m upgrading with Liry’s the end of the month to 239g. Wow 500g. Receive your blessings carnal firme video! May I ask how much you paid for the necklace from Liry’s…

neoarcadezr says:

dam thats nice

codbeastmode123 codbeastmode123 says:

How much u paid u never said it I want some like that let me know okay

BradleyWelshTV says:

nice bling

Rob E. says:

Put the dang chain on brotha. And how much was it?? Kinda wasted a bit of time

Axel says:

And btw make sure to get your son a good looking miami cuban link bracelet like a 50-60 gram he looks like he really likes jewelry

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