Accessory Review: Uncle Seiko 6139 Tapered H-Link Bracelet – An Excellent Solid Link Alternative

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Hello and welcome to Take Time! A Channel for watch enthusiasts by watch enthusiasts. Thanks for joining me today on another video.


Marius Lastname says:

Nice video, i’m not a fan of seikos but i will watch whatever you make. Glad i “accidentally” found you. I tried a couple days ago but had to give up. Keep at it!

Brady Reid says:

Pat…we are glad to see you back in the Captain’s Chair. I wish you nothing but the best. Please continue to focus on “your thing” and please remain “above the fray”. The complete sophomoric approach “over there” is actually becoming somewhat sad and humorous at the same time.

Justin Phillips says:

Your old buddies can’t hold a candle to you. You have the eccentricity needed to deliver this kind of content and a great eye for production. They will soon realize that passion and attention to detail aren’t simply conferred by a C-suite title.

Will you be at Watchtime NYC?

mulberrybush1967 filmfan! says:

great review. how about a sotc review so in another year or so you could compare to what you have then. Cheers

Rogersposts says:

Great and honest review as always. Thanks Pat!

Anson Tsugawa says:

Glad to see you back Patrick. Great video.

craik says:

hmm I’m a little more interested in the watch on your wrist! Thanks for the review, Patrick

Larry Bouligny says:

Making the tapered H-link taught me some important lessons: Never make SEL’s (Solid End-Links) for a watch that takes small spring bars. There is absolutely no room for error, and I always wondered why no one sold them for other Seiko watches besides divers. Now I know.

If someone emails me and said they couldn’t get their SELs to fit, I would send them another pair. However, the other thing I learned is, there is some variation with these vintage cases. Just as we see variation with some of the modern Seiko products, there is some slight variation with the vintage ones as well. AND sometimes they even don’t fit well because the case has gone through lots of years of polishing and wear and tear. Ugh, never again!

I considered ditching the SEL’s altogether so no one is ever disappointed, but since I paid for them, I figured I should include them. Oh, and even if I did get rid of them, the price for the bracelet and regular “hollow” end-links would be the same. So, they are kind of a bonus. If they work, excellent! If not, oh well.

Larry Bouligny says:

“I love me some micro-adjustments.” Lol! 🙂

Alistair N says:

Hey Pat, apparently I’m a bit slow and only just found out you got the boot (or quit?) Properly Wound. Not sure what’s going over there, but its Properly Dogshit. Happy to jump ship, you were the best part of that channel.

Trung Pham says:

Oh God you are filming yourself way to zoomed in lol

JF schnell says:

Uncle Seiko really knows how to do it

Wing Yip says:

Very cool Seiko chronograph and nice upgraded bracelet from Uncle Seiko. Thanks for also pointing out the little but significant detail regarding the fitment of the solid end links or their lack of

Victor Reynoso says:

Nice video Patrick, awesome quality audio and video! Intro music and video would be cool. Maybe some type of song with a pair of T’s and a clapperboard, something like that.

Take Time, w/Patrick Marlett says:

Hey Gang! Comment *here* if you’ve had any experience buying from Uncle Seiko. I’d love to know your thoughts on their products. Be well and thanks for watching!

Random Rob says:

Great video. Camera distance is perfect, audio is good. The bracelet looks great and easy enough fix, at that price I don’t think I would have issue with making some adjustments.

Steven UK1 says:

Brilliant video… Uncle Seiko is just great.. BUT.. has got to get the machining tolerance sorted out.. end-links not fitting is just a bit sloppy.

BigPizzaPie says:

Great review. Sound and camera angle was perfect. All you need is an intro song!

denis spasov says:

You have to take a look at the Seiko 6139 but with the pulsations inner bezel.I have it and it’s gorgeous!!And I’m glad that you’re back and better!!:v

David Robinson says:

That’s a nice looking bracelet.

The WatchBox says:

Great video!

Bernard Manansala says:

Easy fix for your solid links not fitting. Don’t use Fat Spring bars.

Time&Tell says:

Glad to see your back.  I really enjoyed the CS&B channel and its one of the reason’s I started my own watch review channel.  Thanks for the great content and GL in the future!

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