Apple Watch Link Bracelet Copy/Fake Review & Comparison

In this video I look at a third party link bracelet for the apple watch stainless steel. I compare it to apples own bands and draw a conclusion on whether its worth picking up. One thing to mention, removing links is done via a pin mechanism similar to most ordinary watches. I purchased the bracelet off of eBay from this seller of anyone is interested-

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9avi singh says:

How can i get this watch ? can u please put the link below

Kashton Conn Conn says:

I actually located a link bracelet the other day after about a week of researching that in fact is 100 percent identical to apples link bracelet. Even the links from the one I found fit apples bracelet. The only difference that you would even be able to tell is that mine does not have the tiny stamped Apple logo on the inside portion of the exact same clasp too. So there is no possible way that anyone could ever tell that the bracelet I just located and purchased did not come straight from Apple and I also saved almost $400 dollars. If anyone is interested in which one I got if you’re in the market for a Apple link bracelet let me know. This one I found is exactly the same identical bracelet in every way. It’s unbelievable and it totally proves just how much Apple in fact marks their link bracelet up over what it actually should in all honesty sell for. The Apple bracelet is no more at the highest a $100 dollar bracelet and that’s being a few dollars generous. I’ve also got 26 years of experience in collecting high end Swiss made automatic dive watches where some of those bracelets were definitely worth $500 to $600 dollars alone but compared to apples bracelet they absolutely put apples to shame by their quality and premium feel. Most of those were produced in very low numbers and all of them were produced in Switzerland too. Apples and the one I found that’s identical both were produced in very high quantities in China. There is no possible way in this world that apples link bracelet is anywhere remotely worth what they sell it for and what is even crazier is that a lot of people actually in fact do buy it and actually pay that much for their link bracelet. I got mine for $70 dollars plus tax and took mine in to Apple and compared them side by did and it was identical to apples in every single way. Even the inner links when you removed them on both bracelets were the exact same connectors as my link would actually fit right on the Apple bracelet so it’s definitely the same exact bracelet. When I first got my series 3 Apple what I knew I wanted their link bracelet but being a high end watch collector for 26 years I already knew for a fact that apples link bracelet was grossly overpriced which is the exact reason why I began to do some searching out there as I knew there had to be a couple of aftermarket bracelets that would be exactly the same and I did find at least one. I wearing right now and to me I know deep down I actually in fact have an Apple link bracelet because these are identical but mine just does not have apples logo stamped on the inside part of the inner clasp. Everyone reading this would be utterly shocked if I disclosed wheee I found it at lol. I can tell you that’s it’s the most well known retailer in the world but the last place in the world you’d expect to sale a link bracelet that is exactly identical to apples

tintuu says:

Asshole is advertising Apple costliest bracelets

Adhito says:

How do you set up that wallpaper? Its my icoooon image haha please answer

Anouar Ess says:

So where can you buy the display…

Alex MacDonald says:

It’s a lot quicker to slide both ends in at the same time even with the genuine Apple link bracelet. Faffing with those ‘quick release’ links doubles the time needed

Chris Mack says:

I just got a third party link bracelet today by eoso its flush besides I have to use a tool to adjust the links it’s a go it beats paying $400 for apples link bracelet for my 42mm stainless.

A Higher Perspective says:

Hi, its been a couple of months now that you have owned the replica band and I was wondering if you have any updated impressions of it? How is it holding up?

Christian Sein says:

Can U give me a Link for that Wallpapers ? Thank!

Romeno Wiskash says:

It is an current giveaway, this month Apple Watch is available..
+ +
Worthy place until now, pretty satisfied received one of them a couple of few weeks ago..

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