Baby Curb GOLD CHAIN Review!

New chains added to the website!!! Love these small chains. Very high quality! Please check out my website: for all gram weights and prices. I appreciate the support!



vperez 84 says:

question; do you have them in white gold?

Armando Flores says:

Hey braden would your jacoje pendant go through a 3mm figaro chain

Ricky T says:

Even tho it’s a curb, this video helped me to see how the 2.5 Cuban would look.

Jamison C Tartt says:

U should review trippie redds new 8 ball chain it’s crazy

Mr. Reneboy says:

I would like to see some behind the scenes jewelry being made. Anyone else?

More Bank says:

If the same 2.7 was 3.0 n the same price n everything I would’ve got it easy

Michael Kendrick says:

Nice chains

Andrew Napper says:

Great video man, I love curb chains! The way the chain lays it almost looks like s’s or z’s! aha expecially with a black background! Once you see it, it cant be unseen! ahaha

Robert Stoudt says:

Flat curb all day every day that 2.7 is a nice everyday chain paired with your angel pendant they look like some high quality chains #salute #dieing a real nigga means so much to me #smash gang Gansta I’m out


I got 1

The Food Review Guy says:

this is actually perfect cause I’ve been looking for something to retire my silver flat cuban piece.

yuandi xiao says:

Can u do a review on another gold website?

Cole Douglass says:

Jacoji do you think it would be good idea to wear a 4mm mariner chain 24in with a 22in 2m rope chain

MaximaJ31 says:

When u gonna start making 18k on the website?

marvin angel says:

Are you going to make a 3m curb chain?

virus 212 says:

You ever done a video on your rings?

alneur says:

Hey, can jewelers control the gold weight of something like a chain?

Killa Koz says:

#BangBang BROSKI! all it!
Sometimes you gotta Get spicy!

James Castillo says:

Do you know what a 8.5 gram 24″ 18k rope chain would be worth?

Cal 7 says:

can you make a video on the best plated chain? brass, stainless steel, or silver. i want a nice chain but can’t afford one right now

Redhawk #killuminati says:

is yellow gold real and can I shower with it pls read this 1

Kim Sauer says:

Could you do a Johnny dang review

Evelyn Sjolin says:

Already placed my order, love them


Need to start getting me some guap for them chains

E says:

can you do a video in this vs 2.5 Miami cuban vs 2.5 curb?

Victor Baray says:

Flat curb=perfect everyday chain SMASH!! Couldn’t be happier with me 4mm flat curb

Panda Gee says:

I shall order another chain… for my godson . will b the spot

Kim Sauer says:

Is gia the best place to go to school for jewelry?

Victor Figueroa says:

Jacoje gang!! Flat curb all day

KCunlimitedEATS says:

Good looking chains.

Ziggy Zuko says:

Jacoje is the voice of the people

rick rick says:

smash smash smash got my lady a small curb link like that 4 xmas i like all your vids =ly u no like 33.3% each luv that solid ankh want 2 c u do a nice eye of RA

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