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Both bracelets together weigh 1,500 grams (3.5 pounds) 14 kt solids gold. We can make you any size that you desire.

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Ever Dearborn says:

gross those are ugly as shit ruined cuban link

kingpen westside says:

How much i need that

Alexandro Daniel Bello Portillo says:

hasta paresen falsas alv jajajaja se ven muy toscas

Charles Pettigrew says:

How much , what’s ur number

Frank Loud says:

All that glitters ain’t gold

Marsha Where says:

how much does it coss

Nathan LeDee says:

14k gold 10mm wide 8inch bracelet how much I’m seriously interested

Franky Diamonds says:

Please email frankydiamondstv@gmailDOTcom for inquiries

Robert Michael says:

can you do these in chains in all silver and stainless steel?

Pedro Segura says:

That looks so fake in that size but i mean i dont think your body would over size that thing

Racngixer1 says:

Ive seen many Cuban links in my life time… That shit right there is fkn sick! At lease 70,000 each… Just sick! That shit makes my 150 pwt chunk look tiny…lol

DV Vlogs and Games says:

That shit is ugly af

Inspektr Beats says:

what is this monstrosity

Giovanni Vanetti says:

how much are they

Rasheem Youmans says:

I wonder how much would one of those run u? anybody know


can you make a 30″ chain this thick ? if so let me know im interested. thanks

Dave Mays says:

lol that thing is gaudy as shit

kelvenguard says:

You could wear one each as GOLD NUCKELS, you may need them

Edgars Ļebedevs says:

This is just stupid

GianT says:

looks hollow

peter navarro says:

How much for the little next the big one..

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