Cicret Bracelet DEBUNK

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Captain Disillusion examines the concept, design, execution and fundraising of the Cicret Bracelet while trying to develop his own revolutionary invention.

The views expressed in this video are personal opinions, based on information publicly available at the time of posting.


Skinny McGee says:


Rethling says:

10:56 nice photoshop, cicret

Zach Stefanakis says:

Even 1 dislike on your videos is too many. But at least we now know that 632 people use the cicret


i donated 50$ to them like 2 years ago and received 2 emails one about the donation and another indirect update that tells me nothing

Christopher Reid says:

“…from actual members of the same species as you.” Lol.

Andres Alvarez says:

I really like these videos – takes me back to PBS educational videos

Freddy Lasthope says:

My 3yo just said. “Lets watch more!”

UFHoee says:

He mentioned a black kid in the video.


Adrian Simone says:

God dammit fox.

Jason Parham says:

Did the Captain sue these f***s for failing to deliver?

Wool Verigne says:


I lost it.

Ponlets says:


Waitmessage says:

i think with a black background at arm one problem is solved. ex black shirt.

BenniM says:

I swear this guy needs a t.v. show.

Jack Holmer says:

My black son……..?

MindTech says:


Luis López says:

“give me black my son.!” 9:03
I frigginn’ lost it.!!

Encysted says:

You have full captions, you hero.

Suraj Grewal says:

death by glue gun, more painful than napalm bomb

Slunqmusic says:

Best work, sir.

b l o w me says:

how did it take me so long to stumble upon this channel

PrideDefiler says:

11:38 – “Assholistic” should be a real word! LOL

edyou2323 says:

lol your awesome!

Ryan Peacock says:

capt D , I too have bought the 250 bundle and have not heard anything as of yet tho a package from Italy has found it way to ups this very day and is being delivered but i suspect it is my UDO x 86 single board pc…. ill let u know if it isnt , but like you i fell I was gotten …….

Hernando Chandra says:

probably a stupid question, how did you change the shutter speed of the camera without increasing the brightness of your video? or is that just a visual effect?

Eric Lefebvre says:

So … it’s currently May 8, 2017 … got your bracelet yet?

Conopan Bumbescu says:

dude amamazing job, the research impecable

M Schneider says:

just found out about this channel, its awesome !

Drake Winters says:

you wasted some money

IXN IXN says:

this guy is funny

Coiled Snake says:

A race traitor cuck to boot.

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