Cicret Bracelet UPDATE

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Captain Disillusion reports on the latest developments of the fabled Cicret Bracelet, the development of which he continues to very generously sponsor with his very own money.


Ben Jazz says:

Captain Disillusion, an actual real life hero. Awesome.

tomtoonz says:

Great videos, Alan. Wouldn’t it be amazing for the Cicret to project its images as clearly as they tout onto a heavily tattooed arm with all of its sloppy mess of blurring and fading inks?

Lautanen on matala, yleensä pyöreä syömäastia says:

Guys! I have found out how to get that! Its’s simple
Step 1. Get a rubber band
Step 2. Put it on your wrist
Step 3. Draw next to it and pretend it’s android

MiniatureMasterClass says:

Cicret bracelet is such obvious vapourware. Developing critical thinking skills helps one avoid such scams.

Ccs904 says:

You’re a sarcastic fuck and I love it

JoJoke Central says:

So, you can’t fucking communicate to someone without an electronic device? What happens when they need to do their homework? They can steer the diameter of the Earth (in miles) away from it!

Mister Traynor says:

its a scam, its always been a scam, this thing has supposidly been coming out for years and years now

MindTech says:


633r says:

So this vibe I am getting from these videos is the CICRET band is a scam and never gonna happen

Matthijs van Willigen says:

so…. any update already?

EncryptaCat says:

I’ve warned people that this gadget was a hoax

gr1nder07 says:

You sir are a bad ass. Please keep up the good work

Sean Kinter says:

June 2017 and still nothing new on the website I have a feeling they just took the money and ran lol

Floris Fiedeldij Dop says:

I honestly hope there is going to be a bit more support for shutting down these ridiculously obvious fake companies

StanLeczinski says:

FYI, Crédit Agricole is a bank.

Sad Penguin says:

Well, it’s over halfway through 2017. Any MORE updates captain D???

RIKU says:

Crédit Agricole? That’s a bank company in France

William Murphy says:

Damn right they switched back to pico, laser light engines are HUGE. They could likely fix the keystoning with a custom ultra-short throw projection lens, as keystoning for that drastic of a projection angle would kill the resolution in about 1/2 of the screen. You’re still not going to be able to use it in sunlight, regardless of the lumen output of the projector. Sunlight just kills projected images, you can’t do anything about it unless they had some kind of ambient light rejection arm sleeve, haha.

Nick Tripod says:

Nice URSA Mini!

MsPreciousParrot says:

Thank you for doing so much – hopefully, your honest presentations will help prevent innocent people from being financially $crewed!

Matteo Alessandro says:

In this video you’re like Thunderf00t 2.0 but with more subtitle sarcasm. I like that.

N'nja Toolz says:

you look like u are a character from star trek

TheMrJuoji says:

guillaume pommier literraly mean, guillaume apple-tree, also, the credit agricole is a french bank

iamironman320 says:

Ey it’s early 2017 has anything. hanged yet?

dgs .astgh says:

can you make me a startup video? ill pay you thousands, even millions of dollars out of the profits from this..
i need a kick-starter video of a bracelet that makes women wanna fuck immediately.. i need it to look totally legit.. when i make millions, hell you can have half. we will attempt to make the braclet, so we will be required to sacrifice $12.52 for this prototyping.

Sumner Stuart says:

Hahahaha wow you won me over… I thought you were coockie at first now I think you are brilliant hahah keep it up!

Razorfish says:

Their website doesn’t even have a valid ssl cert.

Korben Dallas says:

Okay so first I was worked up for nothing about this but as an optimist the possibility is actually quite real if we could make projectors wireless if that. To top it off it would have to use air gesture controls just like we use in the smart glasses which is ACTUALLY real. For someone who really wants to invest research into this project to make it possible I have no idea but the possibility actually already exists.

duckbilldaniel says:

this guy is annoying, but smart. (sadly) better than most of YouTube.

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