Cuban Link Chains – A Guide to the Miami Cuban Link – Cuban Link Chains – A Guide to the Miami Cuban Link

Cuban Link chains are not just ordinary type of gold chain. They are stylish!

On this video, I will be giving you the ins and out of the Cuban Link chain, with a special focus on the Miami Cuban Link.

Even though Cuban links have nothing to do with luxury watches, many of our customers ask about them often and also like to wear them.

Personally, since I was born and raised in Miami, Florida, I have a lot of experience with these types of gold chains. In fact, I’ve owned a Cuban link since I was 12 years old!

The style of this chain is very traditional. That’s why they will continue to be around for quite some time.

The difference between a high quality chain and a cheap Cuban link is craftsmanship, which is the main focus of our designs.

Cuban Link Styles and Materials

Cuban link chains come in different styles and sizes.

When it comes to the purity of the gold, I recommend to stick to a minimum of 14K, which is 58.3% of pure gold. Even though many people opt for 10K gold chains because they are cheaper, it is better to go with 14K or 18K gold. It will be better down the road if you design to sell the chain and melt it.

Cuban link chains can also be made in silver or platinum, but white, rose and yellow gold are a lot more common variations.

How Big Should Cuban Link Chains Be?

Larger Cuban link chains go from 250 grams to 1 kilogram or more. Even though some people like the larger chains, I prefer to wear many more smaller (or less heavy chains) than one very large one. At the end of the day, however, it all boils down to personal preference.

Regarding the chain thickness, the thinner chains (5 millimeters or lower) tend to be machine made, and the thicker ones tend to be hand-made. I prefer the hand-made chains, as long as the quality of the design is always a priority.

How a Cuban Link Chain is Made

The process to make a Cuban link is an extensive one. It involves melting the gold into a bar, then rolling it into rod, thinning it out until the proper gauge is attained, coiling it up, cutting into rings, welding it, filing it down, etc. It’s no trivial task and one that takes a good amount of time to do it right.

Always Focus on Quality

When it comes to buying the right Cuban link chain or bracelet, you should always focus on quality. High quality chains will always test at the correct number of karats or higher; for example, if you buy a 14K gold Cuban link, it will always test at 14K or higher, not lower. If you try to save money by cutting corners and going to a low-quality dealer, the chain might instead test at 13.2K, etc. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for!

Another good way to test a Cuban link for quality is to hold the chain by one end and let it hang. If the chain is of high quality, the links will hang straight and the links will never coil. The side profile will also show evenly filed links without inconsistencies.

What do you think of our Cuban link video? Let us know in the comments.

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Jake Gillespie says:

lol so he said he got his first chain when he was 12, I’m 12 and I have been asking for a gold chain for a while and I’m getting one for my birthday probably but yeah that’s cool you had your own at that age

Robert Stoudt says:

do u have a website I can purchase a chain from you

Ever Dearborn says:

I just bought a 18 ct silver Cuban link chain because of this video and I love it thank you

๖The Notorious says:

Great Video!
14K/18K is an smart option for daily wear, My tested 23K chain does have some minor scratches from daily wear, which is why im getting an 14K chain altough it looks alot less pure compared to 23k

Antischwagger says:

@ 2:50 “yes I’d like a 14k 200 gauge skipping rope. Kthnkx”

Rio says:

Got a chain from these guys. I’ll be buying another soon. Check out my review.

Razvan Dragos says:

Could you guys please check us out? We make great videos but don’t get any popularity, help us out. Thanks

Pan Szyderka says:

Why Cuban Links are called Cuban Links?

Deshana Bennett-Daley says:

bro doesnt know the difference between a curb chain, a franco, and a cuban link. Don’t bother with this video.

oceandrive13 says:

Eric- How do you fix a cuban link that doesn’t hang straight anymore?

Leslie Hayden says:

I agree 100% I am about my detail as well I agree with you my friend

Greg Rote says:

How long is your chain?

Jullien Vigil says:

Is there a way that a Cuban link chain or bracelet can’t hang straight if it’s under 5mm like say a 3.5mm or lower?

Samson Taylor says:

OOoo and I forgot to mention 7mm

Gregory Carter says:

Bruh, you fam.

Samson Taylor says:

How much would it coast for Miami Cuban link chain at 18 karat gold, 30 inches with VS diamond in it

Robert Stoudt says:

I subbed now answer my question

Cullen HollowayIv says:

I recently bought a 10k 28 gram gold cuban link for 500 is that a good deal?

Khaled Jb says:

Ugh, thank you for the review Mr CRM Jewelers, but please, we are here for the review for the chains, we’re supposed to see them actually more closely rather than to see your unnecessary in-door sunglasses more than the chains. I noticed you do the same thing in most of your reviews, we’re here to see the things you show, not your face, nor your Gold Submariner.

ماما الحب says:


Jaheim Nicholson says:

My chains are real my nigga

Youevenliftbrah? says:

upload a video showing your cuban link chains!

Andrew Miramontes says:

Got a 7mm 26in from Eric at crm few months back. Quality! Lil surprised it came in tape instead of a box tho, woulda liked to have a crm jewelry box to keep it in when not wearing it

good fellah says:

Do you have an instagram?

viramani Ayyappa song s Madavan says:

gold chain model bay

Kenneth Fountain says:

i prefer the Japanese link

4K Cichlids says:

Don’t like the sun glasses on a video. Doesn’t show trustworthy.

MIKE D.B.M says:

how much for 250 grams

Aaron Terrazas says:

Brush who ever said franco take this L

Nina Ross says:

Very informative…..

PrivTrd says:

How much do you pay above the gold price, as a premium + labor + etc…, for a cuban chain ? Just as a rough guide what is the going rate for these chains in terms of fair price.
The gold price as of this writing is $41.48 / g , $31.11 /g for 18K, and $24.18 /g for 14K. Would love to hear what you have to say about this Eric, thanks.

MrElmello1 says:

Hey quick question I got a Miami Cuban necklace and it has a 585 for 14k hallmark but it doesn’t have a makers hallmark is this common thanks bro

Juliao Martin says:

I noticed my 14k 25″ 96 gram cuban link chain coils when hanging. How can this be fixed if at all?

mike larry says:

Good video

krazy8 says:

vc é brasileiro?

Rio says:

who makes your Cubans?

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