live raw unboxing of daniel jewelry inc 27mm and 34mm bracelet.


Cubaknow says:

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That shit is not for the faint of heart!! That quality is crazy!! BIG BOY SHIT!! The stone is a nice touch of class! Didn’t even know they did silver..WOW! Great video bro keep it up! Gotta step my game up!

ek coupe says:

Bro I would flood those piece with diamonds boost in value like crazy

carlos Arevalo says:

Not a big sliver guy but that’s a nice chain ain’t even gunna lie
Chain is flossy ass fuck imagine it busted down wit diamonds

b day says:

I get rashes from gold how did u get someone to make u a silver cuban

yaprojectolayboy says:

silver is real jewelry people much respect fam


I was not aware Daniel’s Jewelry sold silver cubans – cool discovery. Curious what you paid?

Kevin Smith says:

Golds the way to go money wise but they some badass chains no doubt

Jihoony says:

Do they make smaller size like 12mm in silver? Aweome chain btw!

eric g says:

Nice chain…..

ShadowEFOHEX says:

Bro… 614g = 21.6582 oz … That’s clearly silver because at that price it couldn’t possibly be gold bc 1oz of gold is around $1,300. The price of silver PER OUNCE is $16 dollars. So a 21oz chain… which is what you have, is only worth $336 if you melt it. There is NO WAY craftsmanship is worth the $4,300 you paid for that one piece. You got robbed breh.

jval733 says:

Just wondering why not gold

FreeCAD jewellery design says:

¡Nice necklace and bracelet, they are awesome!

I love silver, I prefer it over gold.

Jake Schlachter says:

You definitely got the biggest bracelet bro. You doin you stronggg af.

SLMusic says:

What’s the website address for Daniels?

Nat Braddy says:

Them shits too big…should have stayed in the classy zone….8 or 9mm necklace with a 7 or 8mm bracelet

MisterUrbanWorld says:

@cubanlinkprepper, I need to get in contact with you privately about business. Is there anyway I can contact you via email or social media?

Audiofilo says:

Mannn big baller I respect that boss!

short dog says:

Seems like you deleted a video?


Who tf would dislike this lmao those Cubans are fire. I wanna see more vids of them

ek coupe says:

Nice set. I use to be a sliver guy myself years ago props Bc there’s fake mfs that buy plated bullshit from hip hop bling n try to stunt . Silver is a better investment over that plated copper lol .I moved from silver over to 10k ( but depending on your skin you might get a rash only with 10k tho) soon after that I sold and also melted all my 10k and started buying 14k pieces

adam hussain says:

can u do a video of u wearing the really nice chain on your neck

REIN iz King says:

This Set is Hard!! I like Silver too!!

Juan Carlos Munoz says:

Those shit are fire. I would prefer gold. But at the end of the day, 95% of people will not tell between white gold and silver. What I’m trying to say is. You will keep them guessing. Just be careful with niggas like myself that are the opportunist.. lol

s moon says:

How long did it take?

Braden Fortunato says:

How much did all that cost? Pretty cool

jval733 says:


Its Just Brit says:

As a lover of silver I have to say, those pieces are beautiful. Im still saving up for the pieces I want and this just made me want to work harder.

GHOST P says:

holy fuck thats big lol big pimpin

Brian Foster Jr. says:

How long did it take to get your chain? And does he send a email for tracking?

Ben menudo says:

I would defiantly spend a couple months salary on one of those but the question is where would i where it so people don’t look at me like im crazy

Nathan Serna says:

cuanta esto cuanta esto
no es mas senor no es mas..

panha horl says:


Christopher Lee says:

I understand that everyone has their preference and If you want silver over gold that’s perfectly fine. You stated that you like the “silver” look better than yellow gold well they make white gold Cubans. Silver will never be gold no matter how you look at it.

CubanLinkPrepper CLP says:

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