David Smallcombe Cuff Bracelets Review

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ohaipatricia says:

it’s a shame you didn’t know about the different sizes! David is actually running a sale now, check his Facebook page!

Maria Ester Reis says:

They’re lovely. Bacione

77lexysexy says:

Yes, love it, thanks giada

puledressdesigns says:

What size are your bracelet! Beautiful!

shoppingmediagirl1 says:

I’d love for you to do another jewelry video.

jcb0818 says:

Take the bracelets to another jeweler or a metal smith. Gold and silver can always be manipulated. They will need to be annealed, pickled (to remove fire scale), sized, work hardened, and polished. It can be done. Good luck!!

Monica 'sVanity says:

I’ve had these bracelets in my wrist for over 3 years ( I neeeever take them off) and they are just as beautiful as when I first got them. Enjoy!!

Sheila DeRooy says:

Hi Giada, love your videos. I ordered my David Smallcombe cuffs right from his site and he has size options. My wrists are also not so dainty, so I ordered the size large. I believe he also has extra large.

sadiejosiemom says:

I really want these! I have large wrists too and wondered if I’d be able to wear them. I think the last time I checked, DS had an Etsy store. The bracelets come in sizes, as far as the size of the wrist goes. Love your makeup today, especially the lip. I love the taupes eyes with more nude-y pink lips.

Madeline Texas says:

You look so pretty ur hair ur brows that I could only dream of having & I want all the bracelet’s I love solid 😉

Jennifer Myers says:

I’m sorry you’ll have to forgive me, but who is Lorraine that you speak of?

smartipants123 says:

You are so beautiful. I really want these. I was going to purchase a pandora bracelet and charms but investment wise and what they essentially are, it’s not worth it. My wrists are 15cm and I have the bone sticking out. I would prefer your wrists!

Bmess says:

Just to let you know you can move them to make them a little smaller or larger, but not by a lot. Also, they are gold filled. Sounds like the jeweler was not very good at informing you about the product.

Rosina Julia says:

Good Morning Giada, I am so sorry that your computer got hacked. Your bracelets are gorgeous. I will need to check her site out. Your hair looks so pretty! Love and hugs xoxo Rosina

belladree says:

Beautiful bracelets, thanks for the review. I think i might need those too. If i can share a helpful hint, you put much less strss on this type of bracelet if you put it on your wrist as low as you can on the thumb side since your wrist is thinest there than on your pinkie side were most people do. Over time it makes a difference, i learned this from a jeweler.

Donna Mantellato says:

Who are these people who has the jewerelly web site. Would like to have a look but it wasn’t in the description bar? Could you put the link please. Thanks

MissBeautyExplorer says:

Hey, nice video. 🙂
I own 3 of Davids cuff bracelets (1 thin curved in silver, 1 thin curved in rose gold and 1 thick in rose gold) and I never take them off and love them so much. 🙂 🙂
But I’m pretty sure that the gold and rose gold bracelets aren’t full gold, because this is what it says on his website. They have a bronze wire in it, which was put together with the golden (once hollow) part outside under heat and pressure, so that the gold won’t ever come off (not like golden plated jewellery that is going to wear off after a while).
Maybe I just misunderstood the part when you were talking about the jewellery shop, but it sounded as if they told you, that the gold filled bracelet is completely pure gold and not gold filled as it says on Davids website. 🙂
I really enjoyed your video. 🙂 🙂

ginevra1463 says:

che bello il pendente di rebecca! la G poi… ahhahah ci accomuna! ^^ mi piace tantissimo quando parli di gioielli… non so se ti ricordi ma una delle prime volte che commentai fu proprio a proposito dell’anello di famiglia sotto il video che feci molto tempo fa sulle tue cose :))) io adoro il mio anello di famiglia lo porto all’anulare sinistro insime ad una fascia incisa d’argento che mi ha regalato il mio ragazzo! si il dito è simbolico per entrambi gli anelli <3 ho fatto allargare l'anello con il sigillo pechè era da mignolo come il tuo ma già non mi piaceva molto ed in più guidando il motorino spesso senza guanti avevo paura di perderlo :S quindi ora lo uso tantissimo e si è modellato alla forma del dito e per il fatto che li uso sempre insieme ^^ mi piacciono molto questo tipo di braciali e ho qualcosa di simile regalatomi dalla mia nonna, sono i tre ori facci a bracciale rigido liscio a clik li amo per le occasioni in cui mi va di mettere i bracciali! ahahhaha li uso poco perchè sono molto più tipa da anelli e collane ed orecchini sempre semplici! porto solo piccoli cerchietti di oro bianco da lobo perchè sono quelli che anche per dormire e per lavarsi i capelli non mi danno fastidio e che quindi non tolgo mai ;)))) bacione giada! <3

thedizzygirl77 says:

I too bought mine directly from David Smallcombe….I bought seven at once and if I recall , the price was great through him. He is also very easy to work with and answered all my questions. I have stretched mine (even the large) and tightened them again based on my need at the time and they’ve been great. You should email him and ask about how to possibly stretch them out a bit to fit better….he might have some ideas for you. At any rate, they look great. Enjoy!! They are definitely compliment grabbers!

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