Genuine Strapcode Bracelets Reviewed – Just How Super is the Original Five Link vs Super Angus

In today’s video, I’ll take a few minutes to show you the differences amongst the most popular Strapcode bracelets. The Original Super Five Link, Angus, Super Three Link, & Hexad… What are they and why are they in such high demand? I’ll show you examples of each so you can upgrade your watch right now!

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Bryan LP says:

I’d definitely like to see Strapcode make a normal Jubilee for the Seiko SARB035. I think the Angus Jubilee is too overpowering for that watch.

Garry Clarke says:

A great start to the new year.

BuffaloWarrior7 says:

Fucking love my Strapcode Super Oyster on my SK007 🙂 But I still have to say my favorite bracelet from my collection is the Citizen Nighthawk Duel Time. It is an amazing bracelet for a sub $300 watch. Rivals the Strapecode in every way except the pins vs screws I suppose. Man do I love that watch

C Cooper says:

Thanks for clarify the options.
Currently struggling with Stapecode over a broken bracelet. Will see how good they support their products.

neil ziesing says:

Owning pretty much all of those, I can attest to the quality, fit and finish. Strapcode rocks!

excelerater says:

I just bought a Super jubilee from you,added it to my 009…after 16 hours I finally got it on and it looks great 🙂

Diego OG says:

Does anyone know if any of the 22mm Jubilees would fit a Tudor Black Bay GMT?

Phoenix7PT says:

What do you people recommend for a skx009? I think a would a like a heavy bracelet.

InkyJim says:

Love the strapcode jubilee I got for my skx! One small suggestion, I know you are hesitant to unwrap the bracelets as you obviously want to be able to sell them, however I feel it does a slight disservice to the spirit of the review video and being able to portray them in their full beauty.. maybe you could offer them at a very slight discount (or maybe full price but free shiping) at the end of the video since they were unwrapped I’m betting your followers would snatch them up in a heartbeat. Just my 2 cents 🙂 keep up the great content either way! I enjoy your videos.

Kyle Leung says:

Love Jubilee, yet my twig wrist still can’t handle it even every screws is out.

ytown4 says:

I have the hexad on my samurai and it’s amazing, attractive and comfortable!

Galaga says:

I ended buying a Strapcode Super Jubilee (SJ) from Marc for my turtle PADI and couldn’t be happier. The other difference between the SJ and Angus is the end link. The SJ is fixed and the centre link does not pivot whilst the Angus does like the OEM Seiko SJ. If the SJ had this feature it would be perfect as the SJ proportions are in my opinion superior to the Angus.

whatsthebigfndeal says:

I wish they made an oyster for the seiko 7002 diver 🙁

Rob K says:

whats the most comfortable?

Jim Gill says:

What would you recommend for a Orient Ray II? I think the bracelet on my ray to is nice so why would I upgrade. Thought?

Alfredo Castaneda says:

Sigh….now I want one for my Samurai Blue Lagoon, Alpinist, green Sumo and Sarb033……

super nova says:

Would any of the curved ends fit a marathon gsar?

avengethedeadtx says:

Hey Mark, do you predict more options will appear for the SKX013?

So far, it’s really only an super oyster but I’d love a super jubilee bracelet option.

Us men that prefer mid-size watches don’t have many options.

zVIPERz says:

Very informative. Thanks for video!

Excellent Listener says:

Thanks for the explanation, makes more sense to see them side by side. They are all very nice, no wonder you sell so many.

Azri Azhari says:

Wow that felt much shorter than 8 minutes. Good vid.

Bayu Mukti says:

Are super jubilee and angus jubilee match with mini turtle?

Lucien Petersen says:

I like the chunkier looking ones

hornebee1 says:

I just received my SKX007J yesterday, and as it only comes on the rubber strap, I ordered the super jubilee bracelet as well. I wanted to keep that retro vintage vibe going with this watch. It is an excellent combination that looks stellar IMO, and the customer service and shipping speed were outstanding. I can already see a lasting relationship developing with Mark and the crew at Long Island Watch. Thanks Guys! -MH

Mark Playford says:

I bought a watch gecko oyster bracelet for my 20mm Omega Planet Ocean which really has poor fit on the end links. I was even considering buying the (crazy money), Omega bracelet as it’s so poor. Have you any other suggestions please Marc?

Stoney Lonsome says:

I just picked up their razor re-release for the skx- it’s amazing, you should look into it. Tbh I think they’re sourcing it from somewhere else- not making it themselves but- it’s still very well made. It ships from Hong Kong though to their fulfillment center in New Jersey, then to you- so I’m not sure who really makes it. I’ve gotten several compliments on mine since got it- it really stands out.

TheMrFishnDucks says:

Those are awesome.

ForbinColossus says:

Advice to anyone: 1) Buy from LongIslandWatch. 2) Weight difference in grams for strapcodes affects the weight _feeling_ more than one would guess
22mm SuperOyster 97g, 99g, 101g
22mm Endmill 95g, 106g
22mm HexadOyster 108g, 112g
22mm SuperJubilee 93g
22mm AngusJubilee 98g
22mm Super Engineer II 126g
(Weight varies a little depending on clasp chosen and straight vs fitted end link)

russianvim says:

Great video! Which would suite the sbdc051/053 better the Angus or Super jubilee? Will the super seem too dainty on the 42mm case?

Len Powell says:

Hi Mark,It’s Galloping Gertie here.Ok I go to bracelets but my dad used expander bracelets on his day watches.Superb engineering ? Used to fascinate me as they were so complex .You just don’t see them now? Cheers,Len.

Marc Smith says:

Love the super gullible for my SKX…

From Long island….

Quentin Dergan says:

Wow, thanks for putting this online, it answers so many questions!

Nixxtrr says:

Hi, can you tell me if the angus will fit a Seiko srpco1?

Rich L says:

Hi Marc, will you be carrying the Angus Jubilee for the Mini-Turtle?

Bob Sheikh Johnson says:

Your video was stolen and on the following link:

gemini232003 says:

Great video !!

Joe Ross says:

I got the angus for my ‘007. Looks great on my 7.5” wrist. Nice Seagull on the wristwatch check!

NM Oddentity says:

Seeing them side by side was very helpful. Thank you.

John Huo says:

Thanks Marc. Finally someone did a full Strapcode bracelet comparison.

Joe I says:

I’ve tried the Strapcode oyster on my SKX, and here’s what I saw and felt: It’s too heavy, has horrible sharp edges, the clasp is the grizzliest thing I’ve ever felt and the whole thing is extremely uncomfortable!! Took it out, put back the Seiko Jubilee, and what a comfort! Strapcode is overrated, overpriced, and has some serious QC issues! Why would you do this to your watch?? or even advertise it? and no it isn’t comfortable!! Just my honest 2 cents! Other than that , I love your videos!

Popeye Doyle says:

My last girlfriend had a super anus. Oh, shoot, sorry, read it wrong.

Suben117 says:

Have the endmill version on my Ray 2
phenomenal bracelet
a must have for sure!

Patrick McAvoy says:

Do any of those fit the mini turtle ?

William Parker says:

Great video

Kevin S ツTM says:

Just received the Angus from you guys for my SARB017, expensive (especially shipped to the UK) but BEAUTIFUL!!! – very happy

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