GLD SHOP REVIEW- The good and bad

I get a lot of request to review different companies. I respect everyones hustle and grind. These type of websites make a fortune. I wanted to buy something and do an overall review. Thanks for watching.



G. Lee says:

aey man I’ve been thinking of the Vermeil chains….is that legit I went to a jeweler and they didn’t know what I was talking bout…let me know what you think….

liltraphouseboi says:

That chain in da middle dead ass looks like top ramen necklace 5:59

Austin Epperson Model Dufy says:

Bruh you aren’t even close to their lane lmao they are celebrity jewlers. They make chains for Futrue, Wiz Khalifa, Julio Jones, Sk8 etc

Hazard - PS3/PS4 says:

Thanks bro really helped me out I had doubts on this website !

Anthony Himself says:

I really think your dumb on this review, they have double gold plated chains and bracelets and you have options to go Vermeil with the double GP and if your a baller you can get solid G with si diamonds. I mean if you buy a actual chain something to review like there tennis chains or Cuban Linked ones then that would help out viewers

The Session says:

Bruh youre the goat. They did me dirty there too.

David Ko says:

i was actually going to buy GLD franco. googled for review, this video came up.. fast forward about 20 mins… i ended up buying a 3mm 24inch franco from jacoje. WELP

Ray Jacquez says:

Do a capital bling review plzzzz

Jewelers Direct Wholesale says:

all these websites are hype. like the watch gang guys. $40 a month and they send you a $5 chinese watch. its all hype

Isidro Gonzalez says:

do one for avianne if you havent already.. i got a bracelet from there myself & to this day have extremely mixed emotions about it

Jorge Torres says:

Lol “Incase the spray tan goes away and u need a new one” lmaoooo!!!!!

guapo vic says:

Buy a bracelet cheap ass

Raf Vall says:

Can you review hip hop bling to see how their fake jewelry stands against other with big chains. Also wat are ur thoughts on white gold plated chains? And gold plating over silver?

Whatthefucktony says:

How does a fake chain make your neck itchy though?


Bias review

kijuan Sskater says:

Someone get this retard off my recommendation’s please

Niko Cekic says:

Is gld chains real

- backwoods says:

Hey I was thinking about getting one of the 18k plated pendants as there pretty affordable , but is it fake 18k gold ? (I know it’s just plated)

Komplex Smith says:

shit ill take the chain if you dont want it

TheMeatIsRaw says:

Also your shop looks like shit

Rodrigo Videos says:

You think 100$ is worth it for a pendent and a chain it’s the FaZe pendent they have I’m 15 and don’t really care for what people say or should I get a more expensive Faze pendent

BMUSIK says:

The average person doesn’t give a fuck and in the end we all dies

TheMeatIsRaw says:

Homie bought the cheapest item and gave it the most bias review ever. Please don’t buy from his shop

steve serval says:

Ofcourse for hundred bucks thats all you get,i have the micro jesus piece.its 14k solid gold with franco chain,i got it from gld 2 years ago shines like a star,i paid thousands.thats all you get for hundreds

James Franco says:

Jacoje will you ever offer layaway or credit in the future? Big Fan!

ConvertibleJay says:

Curb link chain**?

Lil sleep says:


TheMeatIsRaw says:


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