Gold PUFF LINKS chain review

This video has been long over due! I finally got some hollow puff links in and I’m excited to show you guys what I have. These are a stylish link that’ll get you compliments no matter where you go. Shout out to PIZZA CAT for the SMASH art work!



rick rick says:

smash smash smash my lady has a 30gram 10k puff gucci link on lay a way it was a nice pick

Damien Galvan says:

Thank you finally !!!!!!!!!!! Was just about to buy this chain , you literally read my situation

King Salmon says:

What chain style at 8mm looks the biggest?

cc melz says:

Can you customize it to be in between 16-17 centimeters??

Youevenliftbrah? says:

Do you also have 18k or 22k in your chains? I wan’t to buy a rope chain from you in either 18k or 22k.

Starr Imports says:


Michael Morales says:

Puff chains ain’t my type I prefer a Franco or a rope but like always your personal jeweler knows what he talking he’s the real deal keep it up !

Peter Nunez says:

Killin it bro… your videos are always my faves

Barbarous Relic says:

Sometimes it’s better to stick to your convictions and sell good quality stuff, instead of listening to what people they want, and lowering your standards to accommodate that.

DOWN4IT406LOCC says:


DOWN4IT406LOCC says:

those look nappy fool

Chef Howiezy says:

Thank you I have been waiting for this one
I have a 28gram 14k yellow gold 22″ mariner puff chain
It gets more compliments than my
24″ 39 gram 18k Franco chain

Muyanzi Reid says:

You can’t avoid a lawsuit with these chains….If Gucci doesn’t sue you Puff Daddy will LOL

jake2 easy says:

Are you going to be getting any more of the black rope chains in anytime soon?

derek rodano says:

smash i think regular mariner looks way better but i guess some people like it

Anthony Orosco says:

Can you shower with 10k gold ?

Soulja Boy says:

Jacoje fucked my bitch in some gucci flip flops smh

chemo bird says:

is it just me or does the link remind you of the tops on soda cans that you use to pop the seal open

Young NA says:

Answer dm’s bro

BigMike says:

Can you FINALLY do the box chain?

Roscal Almodovar says:

i was waiting for u to weigh them honestly.. lol.. i was just curious. love your content.. you should post more vids.

Jorge Torres says:

I Gota go with the bigger sizes. The 5mm’s puff to ‘loop’ ratio is off in my opinion. It’s gotta be at least 65 % puff 35 loop to look nice.

katyrebel18 says:

That’s funny. I always see these chains listed as Gucci chains/Gucci mariner.

thomas walsh says:

Dude stick to your high quality standards. That hollow stuff is bunk..

krispi says:

Do you have a website?

Chris Johnson says:

Do a review on those ball chains that are missing some please

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