How MEN Should Wear Jewelry

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Lerkin round the tele crib says:

Versace bracelet on the right wrist and rolex watch on the left wrist and the ring on the left hands pinky AND THE JEWELRY MUST BE REAL and either get a earing or grillz and choose what ever looks best on you like silver gold diamond

Xrespeck X says:

why can’t people with these types of channels can’t just get to the point(s).

SchulteMath says:

Great shirt…where did you get it? What is the brand?

john snow says:

men don’t wear jewelry. women do. stop it

d g says:

All you talk about is how poor you are to buy expensive jewelry and ho not to wear too many jewelry , and how ugly your jewelry is

Riv Vin says:

Can really trust a lot of your videos…..they all seem like commercials to me.

Tamir ABDU says:

I love ❤️ your t shirt.. nice color.. from where you got it.?

Tomasina Covell says:

Never wear “plated” anything, gold plating on a watch is its kiss-of-death!

Shubham Lokhande says:

can you add some animation

PyrusPerseus says:

If you want to find out if you’re cool toned or warm toned just look at your veins. If your veins are more greenish then you’re warm toned, if they are more blue then you are cool tone.

Axel Risteski says:


ZeusTigreGT says:

The shutter speed or is it reflection?

Robert Donaldson says:

like that polo. Was wondering if you would share where you got it. Thx

Manuel De Jesus says:

Dude, what a waste of time with you.

TLTFilmz says:


Laura Esperanza says:

Too much talking

lemmon 714 says:

great video! but the background music is very irritating

RD 93 says:

Why is this loser telling us how to wear our jewelry ? And why in the hell should we listen to him?? Fuck off

junjun100100 says:

Thanks for much for the information, I have small fingers and a size 9 is difficult to find. If you have any other sites that you recommend for clean/classic jewelry for men please do another video.

Purushotham T R says:

at which hand bracelets looks better?

Dukesy90 says:

I don’t care what you say, I’m stilling rocking a gold chain, pinky ring and bracelet. People keep calling me “a good fella”.



Jerrin says:


mohsen khabazi says:

your chanel is very good

Act Indian says:

your background must be light ur background is dark which sucks

Corneille DD says:

create a video aboit how to cut ur beard damm boy u need a barber

rovpilot1 says:

Great info, but not only talk but also show it, keep it up

Salman Kad says:

I like silver but gold looks better on me…

Barking Spider says:

That bracelet is far from clean.

brander says:


Haris Vasilakis says:

What is your freaking name?

toobalkain says:

This bracelet in gold is hideous, yellow gold is so 1990s and gold plated stuff is just bad taste.


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Saif Abd alnaser says:

I really enjoy your videos man your are professional

Max The Surf Jenner says:

bulshit.. “Alpha m” is better than this channel. sorry for my opinion.

Vidal Mejia says:

Just wear what the fuck you want

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