How to remove links and re-size a cotter-pin watch bracelet

Today, I’ll show you how to remove some links from a terrible, terrible bracelet, which is built using cotter pins. If you’d like to see how to install them, go ahead and watch the video backwards 🙂


Kentren Yeh says:

Thanks so much!!

Hm Hassan says:

the bracelet is definitely bad

Michael Orlando says:

Love this video. Informative and hysterical

darth vader says:

i have SEIKO SSC019, can i replace it spring bar with the spring present in this kit ?

hyperchord says:

Are these the same as “friction pins”?

Gary Kuyat says:

Couple-a-things… Firstly, you should get a bracelet pin pusher – essentially a clamp with a pin. This will make the job easy. Alternatively, use a small hammer to gently tap the punch once it is lined up. Pushing the tool with your hands might be fine if you are Hercules, but generally not preferred. Second, folks need to know that there are different bands with different styles of pin arrangement. For example, the Seiko bracelets often have a pin and collar arrangement, with the collar (or tube as Seiko calls it) being half the size of a grain of rice. Lose that and the pin will go back in, but it will fall out at some terrible time. To generalize I suggest doing this over a tray or a sheet and removing the pin, then shake everything around and see if anything comes out. Jewelers screw this up too, so don’t just assume they won’t make a mistake. Ask them what kind of process they are going to follow.

Lym pacs says:

Nick, your a genius and a natural comedian. Thanks for the help and laughter.

31misscherry says:

Thank you, so much! It worked! Great video!

Reece Hunter says:

Love your narration. Consider voicing stories so you might read me to sleep.

versiongirl says:

Love your accent! what is it?


I’m going to consider this video the inaugural kickoff of the Nick Shabazz series “I’ve got 99 problems and D2 isn’t one.” Great job as usual!

Mercedeslhamiltonfan says:

Casio rolex submariner copy!?


informative and hilarious – two thumbs up!

Kwek Edmund says:

I was laughing as I listened to you and fixing my bracelet. You were really having a war there with your bracelet!

derek Thomley says:

Nice video,very informative many thanks.

Jose Casillas says:

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Sean H says:

ummmmm your supposed to have a little hammer and hit the end of the tool (the bent one before it was bent) lol. The little hammer usually comes with the watch sizing kit

Lexx Starr says:

Crappiest watch?? seems like the crappiest watch repairman are the right words LOL

RichBlaker says:

Helped me a lot…. after I stopped laughing, love your accent and attitude! Get a job on stage. Or perhaps voice overs for Family Guy.

OldSport says:

I have the same watch and bracelet combo, the bracelet actually goes on very easy but you have to bend the spring bars or buy curved spring bars for the end links to fit properly on the watch. Yes the quality of the bracelet is suspect but it has lasted over a year of constant abuse so it can’t be that bad.

Barbara Stearns says:

Helpful AND funny too!

michael sullivan says:

Nice vid’ cheers mate!

American Paisa says:

Leatherman Tools the best a man can get

rumvodkaf1 says:

Lol I thought it was Gilbert Gottfried doing this vid

Jeff Liss says:

Looks like a Rolex Sea Dweller.

DjClarky78 says:

Legend – thanks Nick. Just had a Casio Edifice arrive today from Amazon. Was too big. Didn’t have all the tools in my shed, but I made a holding too like yoursl by cutting a slot in a piece of wood, pushed the pin with a scriber, followed up by a drawing pin, then pulled it the rest of the way with a pair of long nose pliers. Worked a treat, watch fits perfect now.
Cool accent too – where are you from?

jaden piscopo says:

you have to much hair in your hand hahahahah

Mr Cat says:

This was helpful and your delivery is hilarious.

Adam De Larozza says:

Very Timely video (lol). I just got my Invicta today, which I highly recommend and your info helped me size it up. Your voice seems familiar BTW.? thanks again.

Mitchell Delmar says:

It’s great you can find joy/frustration in DIY projects like this. There is satisfaction in the thought process, attempt and (eventual) success. Me, I walked my Oceanus downtown to the little jewelry store and let the guy with experience and tools do it for a nominal fee. Makes me feel somehow diminished, but at least I know it was done right, and that brings me joy.

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