How to Size a Folded Link Bracelet – Watch and Learn #16

In today’s video, we finish up our 3 part series on sizing watch bracelets. We will tackle the folded link bracelet that is popular on so many Seiko 5’s, Orient 3-stars, and in general most lower cost bracelet watches.

With just a bit of know how and some simple tools you probably already have, you can save a trip to the jewelry store, save a few bucks, and make simple bracelet adjustments on your own.

We recommend this tool kit for all simple repairs:


Salman Rashid says:

Thank you!

Wong Wai-Kit says:

now watch shops can’t make money on resizing watch bracelets

markalexander774 says:

I have one that has a does not unhook like that, the metal parts wrap all the way around and connect in multiple areas. It seems like I have to take out all four pieces in order to take off a link.

Ryan Ray says:

Excellent video . Thanks to you Sir,  it was super easy to remove the stubborn links from my bracelet   .  All the best .

Roberto Fuentes says:

Great video Marc. Thanks for dropping knowledge to this this beginner. Please keep up the work.

Levi Davis says:

I have a fake rolex and I don’t know much about watches and was trying to figure it out on my own then watched lots of videos until finding this one and it really helped me out so thanks a lot!!

rp20832 says:

That didn’t look so bad :). Now Im ready for my incoming Vostok… Thanks

Norman Schwartz says:

Thank you!

The Testarossa Watches says:

Love the skx013 and sarb0033 that I purchased! Excellent service

Fredrik Johansen says:

Really nice and informative videos, Mark! Very helpful as I’m just now getting into watches. I have two questions; Do you always wear one watch on each arm and do you wear your watch(es) to bed?

Ivan B. Prado says:

It seems so easy when you are doing it. I’ve destroyed so many links, pins, tools (and either my very own hands) I can’t even count anymore. 😛

Phuc Trinh says:

Tried today with my new snkl15j since I’m a girl with a pathetically small wrist and it was a horrible experience. My spring bar removal tool bent I had to use another thick piece from my multiple tool to push the keys out and trust me they were stubborn as hell. There’s no way to remove them without leaving some scratch on the band itself. Lucky the scratches are inside hidden in the link so not very visible.

jared packer says:

i HATE folded links, yuck!! had a super cheap rep “rolex” folded bracelet on my submariner, and the damned thing fell apart when i bumped up against a wall! thank god for carpet

Niall đ says:

Thanks great video

Irma Loderick says:

Thanks for taking the mystique out of watch bracelet sizing.

TiMM H says:

thank you very easy and simple I just subscribed

Rafael Maciel says:

Dude this helped so much I was so confused… I’m new to watch collecting and your chanel is awesome for someone like me.

Timemachine Eddie says:

Don’t tell my wife I must have 20 beautiful Divers and a couple of Rolex’s. None have this type of system. Looks to me like a great engineered and very strong bracelet. Love your vid’s Mark I always learn something. What an asset you are to us watch guys and gals. Thanks for sharing.

Mightbe Sherwood says:

I found a slightly less nerve wracking way to do it. If you have a Swiss Army knife with scissors, you can pop it out by sticking one blade in, right where you popped it, and the other blade against the outer edge. Super easy.

Russ Fortson says:

Great instructions as usual. What about the folded links that don’t have the little nub?

Csab says:

cmon it was not that difficult.

Silverstone L says:

Sometimes those L-shaped pins are extra stubborn. I use a drop or two of WD-40 or Three-In-One oil before I start pushing. It helps 75-80% of the time.

Arthur Leyenberger says:

Wow! Who Knew? Big help. Thanks

Tony Hill says:

You did that well, but I know what you mean about possible damage to the bracelet or your fingers.. I always put the bracelet on a soft cloth before extracting a pin and use a softwood block to force the link pin back into position. I’m a big fan of Vostok Amphibian watches which have this kind of bracelet but I’ve only sized one. They really are bad (that Seiko 5 bracelet looked much better quality). so now the bracelet comes off the watch and straight on to eBay. I recoup about £5 from my outlay so people do want them.

Diego Vignola says:

Unvaluable! Thanks

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