How to Size a Watch Bracelet (3 Different Methods) – Watch and Learn #14

In today’s episode of Watch and Learn, we will cover the ins and outs of sizing a watch bracelet. It is a rather simple task that can be accomplished by both novice and expert. There are many ways to size a bracelet, so we show you how to do it with three of the most popular tools out there; a spring bar tool, a bracelet vise, and a hammer and block. Once you have the know-how, you won’t have to pay a jeweler again to do this for you.

The standard friction or cotter pin bracelet will be discussed in this video, with future Watch and Learns dedicated to other bracelets such as pins and collars.

The tools used in this episode are rather affordable, and a selection of them is shown below:

Spring Bar Tool:

Bracelet Sizing Tool:

Hammer and Block (part of handy zippered pouch set):


A Tana says:

Mahalo, Great video, saved me a trip to a watch store. One question can I buy a couple of collar parts from you? I am have a Blue lagoon turtle and lost one of the collar in the rug.

t00lnin says:

Is the bezel on that Seiko crystal?

PhoenixNFA says:

had my seiko sea urchin resized yesterday at a local seiko jeweler. they said since it was just one link and they did it so fast they werent gonna charge me. how much does a watch resize normally cost?

Adrian Wright says:

great video very helpful paisan!

Selna Goodhead says:

If a New Watch? Ordered via Thru The mail? Ask if they have a store you can take it too to have them Remove the Links, etc..Like WalMart.. Go pick it up at their Cust Pick Up in back and take it to their Jewelery Dept in front and Remove the watch and Try it on and It should be too Large a Band.. Ask the Woman to Remove the Links so it fits your wrist and Also Keep those Removed Links ( back in your Box. ) Done! They have the Tools and Experience to do it easier and Faster..

John Glennie says:

The screw/vise type seems to be the easiest. I’d suppose, people would bend the pin, if they were trying to push the pin out the wrong way. So, vise or block?

Guy Katz says:

very nice vid

Dennis Thornton says:

A most excellent teaching video, very well done. I now know how to size the bracelet onthe Seiko Solar that I gave my wife for Christmas. Just a point of interest after watchingthis I checked out the Seiko watch which I bought in Vietnam in 1970 and the pins inthe bracelet are large, flat and rectangular. Interesting.

Arthur Leyenberger says:

Thanks, Marc. Best explanation of cotter pin style bracelet sizing I’ve seen.

Cherry C says:

Very well explained, I’m still having hard time to take off ring from a nixon facet. Does it need much strength at hammering?

Greg Brown says:

Thank you so much! I just recently purchased this type of watchband as a replacement for my zenwatch, it came with these tools, but I had no idea what I was doing. Lol. I thank you, sir!

Striyd says:

actually, my watch has a screw….

Eamonn Mullen says:

Hi Marc. I’ve worked with watches for over 20yrs,but I do enjoy your casts.
What about one on trick of working on watches.

Olusegun Arigbede says:

super dope channel

Jonas Hedström says:

Hey i just want to say thank you for these how to watch videos! They are great.

JaccoFF says:

Does someone know how to microadjust if there is no springloaded pin in that spot? The watch does have 3 holes there in total. Thank you.

Philip Niswander says:

Clear, well narrated video. All set to adjust watch bands like pro!

JayzBeerz says:

A lot of people never mention the little holes on the clasp that can be adjusted as well instead of removing links.

Todd Kleinert says:

If you don’t have a fancy watch block, to put it on, while you tap the pins out, I used a “flat” wrench from a monitor arm to provide a simple gap for the pin to fall out. Also, if you don’t have the fancy punch tool, the center wire of a coax video cable can be used to gently tap the pins out. Yep, talking about mcgyver, but it really does work! Great video, and thanks for the helps.

toddspell says:

I’ve been sizing my own bracelets lately and have typically been removing two links. I remove one from each side, like you say, but because I use the loosest micro adjustment, the clasp is not centered. Should I instead remove two from the 6:00 side?

Keith Thomas says:

I watched four other videos before I came to yours. Yours was, BY FAR, the most informative. Thanks for taking the time and doing a very professional, informative and easy to understand job!

Robert Spence says:

Hey Marc, great video, very helpful. It’s the “screw” piece that can be most confusing, and you have certainly simplified it. Keep those instructional videos coming. Thanks again!

Eamonn Mullen says:

Hi Marc
If people ask me about over winding a watch my advice is to just put your index finger under the button and go back and forth ,and when it rubs along your finger then stop. It works

Adrian Negreanu says:

thank you, the micro adjustments is something I didn’t know about!

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