How To Wear Magnetic Bracelets – Link, Cuff & Claspless (Elastic & Magnet Clasp)

This video covers the following topics: how to put on & wear a magnetic link bracelet; how to put on & wear a magnetic cuff bracelet; how to put on & wear a claspless magnetic bracelet.

At, we are often asked how to wear magnetic
bracelets. In this video we will show you how to wear a link magnetic bracelet, a cuff magnetic bracelet, and two types of claspless magnetic bracelets, including one that’s elastic, and one with a magnet clasp.

This video also answers the questions: How to open a magnetic bracelet? Should magnets touch my skin? What type of magnetic bracelet clasps are there?

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booginas says:

can u wear them in water?? does it matter if it’s saltwater or chlorinated water??



fenris1wolf says:

Are these magnetic bracelets safe to use around electronic devices like cell phones, computers, iPads, etc.?

ahyar fauzi says:

can i use 2 bracelet at once in one hand ?

Nidya Marquez says:

in what hand should I wear my ion bracelet?

rayford21 says:

According to Dr. Steven Stokes on YouTube there’s not enough gauss in those little devices to do any good. unless they weigh several pounds with magnet material.
Elsewhere on YT they also give you better gas mileage (or gauss mileage). Lord only knows how many more magnetic miracles are going to show up on YT.

mel abi says:

Magnet touches the skin on north or south pole ?

Maryann Torres says:

I just bought mine today.earrings,bracelet and necklace today.all magnetic.i love it.look so pretty.

Stacy Gates says:

Do the magnetic necklace benefits work the same way? I have had 3 neck surgeries. Would it also need to be next to the skin?

WRO says:

Thank you. I needed to know how to open these bracelets.

Desiree Swearingen Rainey says:

I received my 2 bracelets today they beautiful can I shower in them? Really DON’T want to take them on and off daily

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