I5 Plus / B5 Plus SmartWatch Unboxing and Review – Sleep Monitoring Sports Tracking Wristband

I5 Plus or B5 Plus Smart Watch Bluetooth – Sleep Monitoring Sports Tracking Wristband, APP Zeroner

– OLED touch screen display
– call, sms and aplication notification (WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook)
– sleep tracker and vibration alarm
– remote camera control
– find your phone in bluetooth range
– easy USB port charge and 7 days long working time
– red, blue and black colour

You can buy it here: Gearbest


Google play Zeroner aplication:


Tammyaway says:

what is the background music? awesome

John Wilkerson says:

my fucking cunt won’t pair

Ss Mona Ss says:

is it possible to connect the bracelet to my phone without downloading the app (just to receive calls) ?

Bony Gill says:

Where can you buy a charger? For this

Berkay Oruç says:

dude i cant create account on zeroner can you create for me? my email brkyrc@hotmail.com you can send me password with mail pls help me dude 🙁 im so sad i cant use my iwown 🙁

FeelsBad Man says:

I attempted the registration on Zeroner on 3 different phones and even a tablet, and I still recieve the same error “network failure”. Judging from all the comments i’ve read I can conclude that it’s a common issue. How come they haven’t fixed this? And will I ever be able to make an account even?

ayo ademola says:

this isnt really explanatory

Santanu Barai says:

I can’t change the time and date of it.Can I reset it or any solution do u have?

borderman says:

any idea hoe to get the heart monitor to work thanks

Myci Shelton says:

app says need to register, but not directions on where to go to register
used Zeroner Health and it will not connect

Annah Charles says:

Dude how to reset the steps to zero?

Instant YouTube says:

I have that watch! 🙂

Lindsey House says:

How do you charge it if you do not have a computer also was wondering how you can sync it to an iPhone 5s

Łukasz S says:

Damn it’s just for 9.99 dollars with coupon code: I5FR

Mark Tayco says:

is it necessary for the i5 to work only when paired with Bluetooth?? or it can measure steps with or without bluetooth

Pauline Dempsey says:

I can’t get time to change by touching time. Was given it as a present n living in a different time zone now! Is there a a way to reset it and start again. Instructions given are absolutely useless. Looking up online just get the manual which I have already. Can’t get it to work with phone either. Only counts steps but the day starts at 8am every day!

Marcia Marsden says:

having problems setting the watch up. connected by blue tooth to phone and laptop which it has recognised but cant alter time date etc

Helen Jackson says:

Hi i got mine last week and it wont monitor my sleep. i press the sleep buttton , but when i get up im only getting o.35 sleep ect

ayo ademola says:

how to i change the time

LepaMaraSaKablara says:

Can it connect with Nike Running app and work well?

Master Legolas says:

I5 Plus Smart Watch
It’s pretty cheap here – for 9.99 dollars with coupon code: I5FR
See ya!

ayo ademola says:

what app did you use

roy silitonga says:

What ia The APP for iOS?

The Anonymous Gamer says:

Do you know how to change the time on that watch

Connor_King says:

dose it have heart rate monitor and is it water proof


does it show incomming phone calls

Carlos Morán says:

canción? song?

Roselink Cafes says:

Please i wanted to download the app for this device, what is the name of the app on Google play?

Pooja Shah says:

Would this watch work is Bluetooth is not connected

madeenabhai says:


leanna smedley says:

How do I sync the heart monitor

Perro perruno says:

Is it waterproof?

Robert Prechter says:

are you going to actually review it or just sit there jerking your 2 inch dick to fag music?

Sarwar Hussain says:

cant fix the time

Harjivan Mann says:

the app won’t let me register on ios, anyone else have this issue?

Richard Russo says:

mine just arrived, got it up and running with the correct time. anyone know where you can get screen protectors for these?

Dee Cee says:

I can receive call alert and whatsapp alert but not sms alert. Anyone knows why?

Julie Hampton says:

Zeroner Health app told me that I slept for 30 hours. Anyone know what went wrong here?

Snuffles gaming says:

?Hi does this require your Phone to record activity?

Roby Pisu says:

how long is display?

borderman says:


Plaxedes Mhandu says:

anyone know how to correct the time and date on the zerona

Vitor Nicollas Ribeiro Severiano Dos Santos says:

Ele marca a frequência cardíaca?
It has heart rate?

hyoliex3 says:

does the arm gesture for time work on your right arm, cause it seems to only work on my left atm, not my right

The Technical Expert says:

Hi guys, be sure to install ‘Zerona Health’ from Play Store – NOT ‘Zerona’, or it won’t sync the time.
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