i5 Plus Smart Watch Unboxing & Review – Best Smart Band – just 20$ ?

i5 plus smartwatch Unboxing and Review – This is one of the most affordable smartwatch – Bluetooth – Shows Name and messages in the Display – – Sleep Monitoring Sports Tracking Wristband, APP Zeroner

– OLED touch screen display
– call, sms and aplication notification (WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook)
– sleep tracker and vibration alarm
– remote camera control
– Water Resistant (Tested with few dips but not major)
– find your phone in bluetooth range
– easy USB port charge and 7 days long working time
– red, blue and black colour

Buy here :
Aliexpress :
i5 Plus Smart band : http://goo.gl/LdzQGk & http://goo.gl/8n60v5
i5 plus smart band +1 extra band : http://goo.gl/OIJBiq
only strap : http://goo.gl/Gz7dVx ,

Gearbest :
i5 Plus Smart band : http://goo.gl/ig2tDa

Zeroner App: https://goo.gl/L6yOLz
XDA Forum : http://goo.gl/VrhpKs

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inba nothing says:

tamil tech thana ne..kadupuduchitan

The Technical Expert says:

Hi guys, be sure to install ‘Zerona Health’ App from Play Store – NOT ‘Zerona’, or it won’t sync the time.
Banggood have a great promotion running, if anyone is interested in buying one of these wonderful wristbands. Take a look HERE: http://www.banggood.com/I5-Plus-Bluetooth-4_0-Bracelet-Sports-Tracking-Wristband-Call-Message-Reminding-Smart-Watch-p-981998.html?p=JQ26191551677201504Z&utm_source=bbs&utm_medium=agogo&utm_content=zhangruihua&utm_campaign=home

Miss A says:

The hand gesture is not working.

Taizai kousaki says:

can this work with a smartphone with 3.0 Bluetooth?

kiệt nguyễn says:

xin chào

BranaTurkey18 says:

Are you tamil

Ashwin Srivastava says:

just got this watch today. i connected it to my phone but the watch is not syncing to the phone and obviously isn’t showing the notifs, correct time etc. what do i do? Please help

Nnalerona Keisang says:

How do i set up the time. its giving me different time from my handset i tought it would pick the time from the BT Device

Demo Hp says:

If phone is at home and band is with me is it count steps, calories burt, kms walked, alarm

Fazikka Akbar says:

how to setting time and date from device? because my device is difference time and date for my country.

Nancy Brew says:

you don’t even know how to track your sleep. I have one and it does work, the sleep mode u don’t know how it works. put it on auto sleep and it tell you when u sleeping, how long you slept and the yor sleep status. make sure you know everything about it before you “review”

bijay dutt says:

this better than mi band 2 ??? suggest which i buy


can the display stays always on to show the time

Rina Begum says:

lol are you Bengali because you named your mum amma

Mahmoud Anwar says:

how time it can saving information before i need to syncing it with my phone
thanks in advance 😀

Abhishek Mayekar says:

is it swimproof? yaa waterproof

Qniba Chaos says:

Avoid, it’s awful. The app is terrible and even when synced the time does not change. It is unable to do carry out such a basic function and also everything has to be done via the phone.

seyeong ah says:

Can I take photo from watch

Omie Stutz says:

Thank you for your video. It helped me figure some things out about my new watch.

Yesenia Vargas says:

mine shows a smiley face next to the Bluetooth…what does it mean?

Qniba Chaos says:

Far too many problems. From syncing, to changing the time, to actually using it to navigating it. Utter rubbish and is not user friendly at all. Am sending mine back for a full refund.

Subhajit Chatterjee says:

Would have been great if it had an inbuilt flash drive.

Petr OK1RP says:

Which diference is in between i5 Plus and i6pro?

Nishant Anand says:

How to sync the time in i5 smart watch

Vishnu Pareek says:

how to set time in fastgo i5 smartband


Is it water proof

Josika 007 says:

oh god improve ur english skillls

michaelscoofield says:

Should I download the Zeroner  or Zeroner Health Pro?

Emma Macdougall says:

how do i change the timeeee

LeadGamingYT says:

thats the wrong app you are to use zeroner with the frog icon it is awaome

Luca Byrne says:

Mine doesn’t track distance

Lainil Jin says:

my phone can’t find the device…what should I do?

Kevin says:

I bought the watch. everything works. I can even change layout with my phone and chance some settings like (12/24 hours) but it doesn’t sync and change to the correct time?

Mrjayz SubThai says:

Can it control music player in mobile phone?

Angelica Mison says:

how to set up the heart rate monitor? or do I need a third party app for that

Jules Bailey says:

I have the Zeroner Health App on my phone, it all works great but i cant get the heart rate to work? anyone else had same issue? Do i need to do something? Thanks guys

MagdaM M says:

Hi. Can I use this band without app?? I have Nokia with Windows for phone and I can’t find this app. How to set up bracelet without App?? Many thanks

Zulhusny Azari says:

will it show full text message for the whatsapp and so on? i’m searching for the band that can show full message on it.

Sarwar Hussain says:

cant fix the time

Toxic Bear Gaming says:

Expensive go to amazon and put i5 Bluetooth smartwatch

Avirup Roy says:

Will u pls tell me.. Mi band 2 is best or i5 plus band.. I m quite confused

Erik Stephenson says:


M says:

In your description it says water resistant but when I look it up it says it’s supposedly water proof with an ip68 rating just wondering youve ever tested

Naturally Yuzi says:

My phone is not finding it. What should i do?

Maneet Bhatia says:

I got my £16

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