Miami Cuban Link Bracelet Guide

Hope this video helps people out with choosing the right bracelet size for them. I understand buying jewelry online is tough. Please email me or DM me on Instagram if you have any questions or need some help. Thanks for watching.



godking331 says:

Lazy video. Do one at a time. Do each size with a dif same size bracelet..comon man how long have you been doing this again?

Master Jiraiya says:

Hey do you have any chains in rose gold?

roy ortiz says:

Just ordered the 4 mm flat curb chain 22in. From you can’t wait to see it!!

Labron Wilson says:

How long is the 8mm cuban link in this video

Byron Cruz says:

Love your channel very helpful but when I buy a chain I want to negotiate and buying online I have no way to negotiate a price with you what can we do to fix that?

oceandrive13 says:

Do you make them or employees?

Diego Lozano says:

All of the bracelets you showed by the min 1:56 were 7 inches? Or why did they looked so tight?

John Doe says:

Bro you must have read my mind I was gonna ask you for this last night

Cristobal Ahumada says:

Do a Trippe Redd chain review

Matthew Hanson says:

Are the pieces all the same prize no matter how many grams they are on your site? Like is the 20in 10.5mm mariner chain the same price as the 30 in 10.5mm mariner? I’m just confused because the price didn’t change with the length on the site?

victor says:

Have you ever made any Virgin Mary pendants ??

BigTthaBoss says:

Hey Braden are you able to make shorter lengths like 12-16″? My daughter is getting a bit older and I would like to get her a nice durable necklace but I’m not able to find and places with shorter sizes. PS I wish you sold silver because I don’t wear gold!

canelo alvarez says:

Thanks bro! Was waiting for this.

Julio Mendoza says:

Thank you for this video Brayden, it really demonstrates the sizes and widths. I’m always trying to find out how it’d look on wrist and there’s never a picture, SMASH!

Braulio Estaco says:

Im debating on the 5,6, or 7 mm as a daily bracelet . Im 15 and I can’t decide on which one to go with

Anthony Hernandez says:


Ashton Hendricks says:

Could you include prices in some vids

Music Promotions.1k says:

Where can I buy 1g gold bars?

God of Darkness says:

Another sick vid. SMASH!!! Got my custom pendant all paid off now i just cant wait to see it in person

Jaxon Lewis says:

Make a herringbone chain video

Labron Wilson says:

That 8mm would look good paired with my nugget ring

Drizzzy_A says:

When are you going to upload the all yellow gold figarope chain?

Arel I’m No Joke says:

Don’t what is that you’re sure right now just to correct you are considered Miami links the Cuban links or the regular ones with the separate links that are not handmade your machine made all of them whether they’re 568-1217 millimeter they are machine made that’s the difference between a Miami link and a Cuban Link the ones that you are showing right now Are considered Miami Lakes

JudoYoNeck says:

This is the video I’ve been waiting for!! thanks Jacoje!

Alexander .Palacios says:

smash Smash SMASH….

Kevin Raj says:

What size do you recommend
I am 5’11” and normal size

PVC3 says:

I love my 24 inch 4mm whitegold Cuban I got from Braden six months ago. Can’t wait till my whitegold diamond bezel is done. I guess I’ll have to get the matching bracelet next..

NoelToTheJoel says:

Do a bulova crystal watch

Adrian Maldonado says:

Review of 69 new chain of SAW

Wolff Designs says:

I have a 13 mm

East DallasKick's says:

368th view 53rd like 29th comment

Robert Stoudt says:

still holding my breath for jacoje ten karat fine jewelry #10k cartel #still smashing tho#browardcountychevyboi

milo chacon says:

Can you make a Miami Cuban link chain guide?

Sawan Robinson says:

got a 2mm 24 inch Cuban link chain on my neck now

Nathan Lopez says:

Can you do a video on a chino link please

Victor Baray says:

Love the smaller bracelets! The color looks amazing on the larger ones too. Smash!

East DallasKick's says:

368th view 53rd like 29th comment

weezofbaby123 says:

service is great @ jacoje !

Killa Koz says:

Another awesome informative video Broski. @JACOJE LYNX

East DallasKick's says:

How much for a 2mm rope chain bracelet in 6 inches?

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