Miami Cuban Link Bracelets 10K Gold 7.5mm & On Wrist Review

7.5 mm Hollow Cuban Link 10K Gold Bracelet

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victorolguin says:

what size is your wrist and what size are these bracelets?

donelle delvalle says:

How much did u pay for them together there pretty dope

Gamer Tony says:

yo Adrian focus your camera a little more and next time prove it to us that it’s real

jdmjunkie310 says:

$500 25.70 a grm.

Jacob Thostrup says:

What is the length?

Phil Lipanski says:

What do you consider to be not legit? some people consider hallow to be bullshit. I mean my rope chain is small compared to those in mm width and it weighs more than both of your bracelets put together in solid gold weight.

James Young says:

I need to see papers anything can say 14 k

laos1979 says:

$300 a piece hollow 10k

Caracia says:

yo bro dont listen to all these broke motherfuckers cause its niggas like us that got cheaper but we still money in the bank and food on the table and we that dont pay 40000 on some dumb ass shit

King Jack says:

how much does it weigh dumbass

yuggs says:

it looks fake tho

Felix Ruiz says:

Whats the different between solid gold and hollow gold ?



Emmanuel Aina says:

Where did u buy?

Khalil Bab says:

380$ is da highest I’ll go.

RSlic DaChief says:

Looks legit, but I gotta have solid over hollow all day

Daniel Myles says:

excellent bracelets and speech video

Dinero YRB says:

id say anywhere from 350 to 450 each so like 700 to like 900

Mike Caddy says:

where can i buy one?

erick 713 says:

For how much

Buddha BlazerSS says:

Can’t do hollow gold man I just can’t. Gotta save up for that solid shit here. Looks good tho.

James Young says:

you don’t need a box clamp for it to be real

King Jack says:

Hollow gold cheap

King Jack says:

break on you

Jc17 Supreme says:

I want some where can I get it

TechnoOneShot says:

Well judging from the grams you gave you shouldn’t have paid over 350 for each bracelet, each bracelets gold weight = 177.43 and there handmade which should increase the asking price to nothing higher than 350 for manual labor, if you paid more they ripped you off a little.

Jason Mercado says:

how much

Brandon RideOrDie says:

depends on the weight of the gold!!

Blanco isonfire says:

this is deff not a real Miami cuban link. dosent even have the box clasp

yuggs says:

10k is light color

Isaiah Wilson says:

How many inches 7 or 8

King Jack says:

400 bucks each if you paid more than that you got screwed

adam andersson says:

What’s the weight of one bracelet?

Danny Zaidan says:

Where can I buy this real or fake buy the way?

King Jack says:

I got $6,000 worth of jewelry solid

Dominick Ray says:

No more than $300-$350 or you got ripped off. Usually that $250-$275 range. I just bought straight 14k 7mm and 7″ for $370.

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