Miami Cuban Link Chain and Bracelet Set.

Solid 102 gram 26″ 7mm 14kt yellow gold chain
Solid 77 gram 8″ 11mm 14kt yellow gold bracelet.

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John Doe says:

Beautiful chain, congrats! Thanks for the video too, it’s nice to see the size of a 7mm.

Crazy Voltage says:

great looking chain. That jewelry box is a nice surprise tho. How many grams it is ?

Sabrina Merrick says:

how many grams is your bracelet? It looks nice on you. Enjoy your chains!

Fabian Castillo says:

Check mine out brother

HIGH LYFE600 says:

I was comparing there prices to Avianne & co. As I found your vid thx a lot I was hesitant on online real gold purchases

Q La’K says:

Nice set I’m trying to decide if I should order from Lirys or CRM his on YouTube as well both are in Miami both look legit I’m also in California/long beach went down town L.A in the jewelry district and saw some semi Hollow Miami Cuban links but I want the solid one I’m gonna try to do more research to decide but again your set up rocks….

Blank Slate says:

What was the cost of each item? Looks great by the way. I think the 26″ 7mm 14kt yellow gold chain is just what I want to get, maybe 28″

Nathan Berryhill says:

GREAT Video i’m just like you looking into Liry’s myself and was very skeptical by purchasing sight unseen but your video helps me alot. Actually the size and length i’m looking for too.

Terence Lewis says:

Great video. Checking this place out!

Gerson Aragon says:

How much did you get it for?

Robert Stoudt says:

I was looking at a hollow franco from them I don’t usually buy hollow chains my question to you will it feel like plastic


You should have your own channel excellent and very nice pieces well done, you look cool.


nice vid good info

Smookes says:

I’m searching for the same chain. I’m 6 feet tall 195 pounds. Should I go with 26′ or 28′? I’m going to be adding a Jesus’s face piece to it also. What’s the better fit?

Rudy Torres says:

Bro what’s the update on your chain and bracelet are they still looking on point ?

Ese Kike says:

Whatever way you decide to go. Make sure to ask about their warranty and return policy because (not to sound like a broken record) but lirys warranty and return policies are on point. Just saying…

Tk tk says:

Good looking out on the video! Broke that shit down for everyone.

BradleyWelshTV says:

bigger is better

Tony B says:

Nice set ! Looking forward to make my purchase!

Jake Schlachter says:

Solid set and you checked those links well, you know what you are looking at.

John Draper says:


Jay2lit tv says:

Is $3800 a good price for 14k 8m 22inch miami cuban in todays market i jus placed a order with my local jeweler in Brooklyn New York

Tank Amos says:

The only vid on here that has really helped

Garekin Nalbandian says:

how much was ya bracelet im finna get a rose gold cuban that size

RuVVETz06 says:

Looking at lirys or Daniels jewelry inc for a Cuban link 7mm 24″. Anyone know which is better. Price is almost the same only thing I don’t understand is on lirys website it says the chain CAN be 10 grams less or 10grams more than advertised. IF it’s 15 grams off they will charge or refund the difference. So my chain can be 10-14 grams under what I paid for and no refund?

Frederic E. Chardon says:

Hahahaha all of you saying this dope icey lit all of you whack this fake period hahahaha whack

Muyanzi Reid says:

Should’ve went to Jacoje

pushhard82 says:

Nice jewelry! Hope you get robbed in broad daylight with no security cameras, police or witnesses in sight.

Lokd Dhci says:

What’s ur wrist size ?

Gregory Webb says:

What size wrist do you have????

Julian Quintana says:

Dam this nigga grow a inch on a good day

tom curtain says:

perfect dude

eman7188 says:

Nice pieces

Dabadass Maidana says:

Hey whats going on ese kike. I had a question was looking Into purchasing a nice chain like yours. and was curious on the length. When you measure in your video was that measuring from end to end of clasp or clasp closed as if you have it on ? In other words did you measure that little piece of gold that goes Into clasp too? Please get back, would appreciate it. thanks in advance

rrcompton22 says:


I bought a 14k – 26″ – 7mm from another jeweler down in Miami and the links are constantly getting tangled. Are you having any problem with yours?

Lucifer Morningstar says:

I like when the bracelet hangs on my hand

Derek says:

chain is bad ass! looks great on you!

Nathan Berryhill says:

What was the price you paid? Gram Weight if you dont mine me asking?????

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