My ‘Alex and Ani’ energy bracelets review and collection!

I recently got into the ‘Alex and Ani’ energy bracelets (they are amazing in my opinion)! Here I give my review on the bracelets and show you what I currently have in my collection!

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Alex Peirone says:

Hey I’m a new subbie, where in Onatrio are you? I’m in London and do day trips to Niagara like once a month

Lucy Gabrielle says:

Cool bracelets

Duane Baldwin says:


taymkim says:

you look soo much like gretchen from mean girls!!

Stephanie Cisneros says:

Omg you look like Gretchen from Mean Girls!!!

nostalgia ultra says:

You are seriously gorgeous(:

Rachel Ramirez says:

I’m sorry, but didn’t you already do this video?

Kim Willis says:

Cute intro!!!

Lauren Naughton says:

Are you Gretchen weeniers on mean girls?

Ashley Em says:

+Michelle Macsai I sent you a PM- I couldn’t respond to your comment on here. But I got some in Unionville, some in the Niagara on the lake outlet stores, and I know some of the Hudson’s Bay locations have them- Yorkdale does for sure.

Grace says:

You are so pretty’ you look exactly like Gretchen from mean girls

Steen Machine says:

The beginning was a little annoying, but great video!

Angela Chen says:

How much r they?

Susazeu says:

The “everything happens for a reason” was my collection starter. My arm holds no more now, 15 bracelets. I love the little rings too, great to stack!

⚓JadeLeVagabond⚓ says:

I haven’t seen these in montreal yet?!

Nina Novak says:

I have the silver one that says everything happens for a reason with the black background

Purse Demented says:

Thank you for this video! I have never heard of these before but I think I may get some for gifts for Christmas 🙂 I did find them also at the bay online so you could look there!


Great video, Ashley! So happy to have you in our #positiveenergy family!

jo-e-z infuso says:


Ti'Lon Paige says:

Great video! love all of the positive energy you are sending off in this video. When I clicked it I was working so when T.Swift started playing I knew I was in for a great time!

Michelle Macsai-Mongroo says:

Where did you find these? I am from Toronto and would love to get some.

Millie K says:

I have the Tree Of Life bracelet 😀

Rachel Vaughan says:

it is not rose gold

Abigail Cua says:

I wish Alex and Ani is here in Germany.  They are gorgeous!  I have a question: Have you experienced getting your knitted tops snagged by the adjustable bracelets?  Thanks!

Shayna G says:

Loved the intro Ashley! 

GalCharlotte says:

I have seen videos showing horrible tarnish. How do they look now?

Laurel Cook says:

I have 2:
a silver one with a garnet- (creativity, patience and perseverance) 
a silver one with a serpent- (Rejuvenation, transformation and renewal)

StacysSerenity says:

great vid! super cute intro! just posted a HUGE haul would mean soo much if you check it out and let me know what you think!

ZMakeUpLover says:

You’re saying Ani wrong. You keep saying Annie…learn how to pronounce it plz.

MisterLivs says:

Those bracelets are so fetch!

fashionmomcpg says:

It is not “rose gold”, it is Russian Gold, which is just an aged or tarnished brass:)

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