OLED Blood Pressure Reading Smart Bracelet: Unboxing and Review

OLED Blood Pressure Oximeter Waterproof Smart Bracelet: https://goo.gl/wlMdCF (15% OFF Coupon: d72439)
CK11 Blood Pressure Oximeter Waterproof Smart Bracelet: https://goo.gl/FjxREg (15% OFF Coupon: 15CK11 )
These bracelets have been provided by BangGood for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to BangGood for their support. If you are interested in purchasing the OLED or CK11 smart bracelet, please use the links listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

It is long overdue for an improvement in how we do blood pressure readings. In the past these readings relied on your doctor or nurse to listen with a stethoscope for the tiny should of your heart beat while watching a pressure gauge slowly decrease in pressure. At best it was a rough ‘guess’ as to your actual blood pressure.

Now, with advanced software techniques, the movement of blood through your capillaries in your arm can be assessed to accurately deduce your true blood pressure.

This waterproof smart bracelet introduces an advanced science in a way that you can acquire measurements on the fly or produce detailed measurements using an associated app (WearFit).

Someday we may see this feature appearing in every smartwatch that has a built in heart rate monitor, but for now, this and the CK11 are the only bracelet versions on the market. If you or a loved one need to keep track of blood pressure regularly, this might be the ‘device’ for you. Since measurements taken with the device can be saved to the app, it’s a good way to get a record for your Doctor.

This is the video of the functionally identical CK11 smart bracelet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yaQRQ9yvcs

Here is a link to our first reviewed Blood Pressure watch. It explains a bit more about this type of measurement compared to the traditional cuff and sound approach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFbhOcX_45M

Here’s a valuable comment and link from one of our viewers:

From Dave D38:
Very interesting technology!! for those who want to know more :
apparently the results are best when the sensor is not compressing the skin at all while measuring…

UPDATE 2016-1-11: If your App keeps crashing-
From Feroze Mohamed
SmartWatch Ticks I literally searched for hours for alternative app as this app just crashes. But i just couldn’t find any alternative. FINALLY i could make the app stable by using ‘Parallel Space’ app. I don’t know how and why but after adding this app to parallel space the app doesn’t crash. Also disabled GoogleFit sync. Parallel Space is Android app. I really have no clue why it is working with this but it is rock stable. Basically parallel space lets you use single app with multiple data. Like an app with 2 users. So i believe the data files might be getting corrupted. The actual app doesn’t work so i made parallel data and is working great.

Parallel Space: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lbe.parallel.intl


Tønnes Hovland says:

Hi. Nice report. If you want to see previous dates in the graph Picture you just drag “today” to the right and yesterdays graphes will appear.

JIM Sutton says:

I bought this bracelet a month ago and another for my friend. I am not a happy camper!!! the watch works, THAT IS THE WATCH WORKS AS A WATCH but the rest of the functions with the exception of the step counter do not work for beans… It will not stay connected to my phone, battery life is only 3 days, OX level is way off in comparison to my OX meter from the Hospital and I could go on and on but the thing is I can only depend on them for the time of day— and then the darn thing is in 24 hour mode and can not get it to go to the 12 hour AM-PM mode. TO DO OVER AGAIN —- HECK NO…..

christian norman hadi says:

after 6 days of usage all measurements results can not be displayed, and battery drain very fast.
any sugestion?

Nikita n says:

Thank you for your in depth review! I highly appreciate it and would like to know that out of all the devices that you’ve tested so far, is there one device that you recommend as one that’s most accurate in blood pressure readings?

Morry Zelcovitch says:

what a terrible display, no way that’s OLED 🙂

Nunya Bidness says:

Why does with show all ur stats on the watch at the same time so u can see everything and it could also tell u if ur out of shape

Dev Jai says:

sir could u plz make one more video of kingwear gt88 so that i can use custom watch faces for it

monstertruckfan says:

Will you be doing a review of the DZB 30M Waterproof Pedometer Bluetooth Health Butler Long Life Smart Watch from Bang Good?

Eddy Edd says:

Their waterproof ability and battery life are same too ? If not, which one is better ? Thanks.

Minos Yred says:

I am particularly disappointed by Banggood : they promise to refund you if the product is not ok for you. I sent it back to the address written on the parcel and they told me that the parcel will be sent back to me without refund because the address was not right!

Minos Yred says:

I have bought this bracelet and i tried it near an arm Omron monitor for blood pressure :
never the same measures
when the Omron displays 14/9 the Oled displays 12/7
It is totally inaccurate
I joined Banggood to tell them; they answered that it was because…. my hairy arm
This is a very dangerous item for those who are suffering from pressure hypertension they could be fooled by such a bad measures

Sidney Dourado says:

In your opinion this is actually best smart bracelet to measure blood issues? or the X9 plus?

S Ho says:

anybody knows if it is waterproofed?

Supermonkey 1964 says:

I guess what really makes me really doubt the overall accuracy of the readings are all of the times you had the watch totally off your wrist and it still somehow managed to spit out so much erroneous data? So… Has this glitch (as you called it) been fixed with the new OLED Band? or in a software update as of yet?

ping pong says:

Hi, nice reporting. If i do a workout, say a run, will it sample faster and give me a separate graph for that thanks? Oh ok, you just covered that, it doesnt, thanks.

CupraBBD says:

good reviews just a bit too long

themagogamer 58 says:

hdjdujdjdk español xd

BankaiDG says:

what do you think about the newyes watch. could you do a comparaision between NBF1BL-CA vs NBS04 vs NBS05 models?

Andreas Karnadiputra says:

Hello, can i ask something
Which of the watch you have review has the most accurate test (BP & Pedometer, etc) and waterproof
1. OLED Blood Pressure Reading Smart Bracelet (The one in this video)
2. H09 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ntFgwT0tEY
3. CK11 Blood Pressure Reading https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yaQRQ9yvcs&t=312s
Or you do you have other suggestion?

Thank you

Qiu .fbi. says:

thx, nice unbox

Chris Gibler says:

might have to get one !

MrPixxerHD says:

Its waterproof?

Oprema Domovi says:

Can you conect more than one device to the cellphone?

Tiago Serra says:

Almost all off ur smartwatches are just for android and a have a iphone can u do more videos showing smartwatches compatible with ios?

OG Wavy says:

I wish blood pressure was as good as yours, I’m gonna get that one.

muhammad mubarak says:

I have the kw88 smart watch and they had a update and I did it now you can have so many more watch faces including a stack one

Minos Yred says:

Why not showing your measures near a traditional blood pressure monitor?
You can cause big trouble for those who are suffering from pressure hypertensi with suc h a video, simply because you received it as a gift from Banggood

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