On the Wrist, from off the Cuff: Sinn – H-Link bracelet vs. Fine Link bracelet

On this episode we compare and contrast Sinn’s two top-notch bracelet choices. Which do you prefer and why? Let me know what you think in the comments below, thanks.
Full 556A Review: https://youtu.be/b-D4jXhyydY
Full 556IB Review: https://youtu.be/wTCsi2r39Cs


jerode raman says:

I would love to see a state of the collection review.

DesTroisCents says:

Definitely sold me on that blue one. A would be second Sinn. The dial dazzles. And the bracelet looks very comfortable for long term wear. Is it more comfy than the H link after hours on the wrist? What say you AB? Thanks for the vid

Tim Lara says:

I can definitely understand how you ended up with both. Really hard to choose. I still lean toward the classic A version, though. I feel like the legibility is unbeatable and since I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy, I prefer the less refined aesthetic. On my short list once I get the PayPal funds built up.

Jim Scopa says:

Really like both of these, but can’t imagine my 556i B on anything but the 5 link. So get why you got both. I see a 556a with H link in my future!

John Nguyen says:

I had my eye on the 556i for around 2 years and finally decided to get it for my birthday. But then I debated for weeks between the 556i and 556i-b as I’m a sucker for blue and no date window. But in the end, the draw of the H link with that gloss black dial and super white indices & hands won me over. I absolutely love my 556i as I think it’s the more iconic Sinn. I would love to handle the 556i-b one day to see it up close and personal. It looks to be a very lovely piece but I think I really wanted a tool watch.

I’m very tempted by the 856i-b as it’s a 40 mm matte navy blue dial which is my favorite color. But I don’t like the date window at the 4 and it doesn’t say Automatik. If they made an 856i-b with those changes, then it would be the perfect Sinn watch ever for me.

Billeh says:

Uh…no links in description lol

Nick Shabazz says:

Sinn needs to get on the adjustable clasp train, but their bracelets are very nice.

GEARY says:

Great review. I just experienced my first H-link bracelet when I was able to buy one of the latest batch of Armida’s A12 “62 MAS” homage. Great vintage style piece. You should seek one out. Cheers.

MrMarr4347 says:

I’ve just bought the 556ib on the H-link, and I’m really glad that I did so. I think that the fine link dresses it up too much and makes it look a bit big for a 38.5

Go Aztecs says:

Just checked the 556IB on eBay. Looks like I’ll be brown bagging it to work for while. Thanks for another great review!

b kinseb says:

My worry is sending my watch for servicing to Germany any thoughts.

MrBacchus18 says:

Leaning toward the 556a the 3-6-9-12 numerals are iconic to watch nerds. I do love the inky black of the 556i too though. As far as the bracelets H Link all the way, I don’t really like butterfly bracelets, can’t go too far wrong with either imo. Thanks for the comparison video it sure is nice to see them next to each other.

D C says:

Great video. I’ve wanted to see these two reviewed. I recently had to choose between them for my 104. I went with the h-link as I think the tool aesthetic goes better with the style of the watch but would absolutely agree if you want to dress it up the 5 link is the way to go.

Dennis Kwok says:

The older style original H-link bracelet had links which were the same thickness as the current Fine Link model, as they used single slotted screws (like the current Fine Link model) and were a pain in the arse, as you could mash up the heads really easily if you didn’t use good technique and decent screwdrivers.

When Sinn made the switch to hex screws on the H-link bracelet, they made the links much thicker to accommodate them. Giving it a more substantial feel and look in the process.

My Sinn 356 came with the older, thinner H-Link bracelet and I also use it on my 556i. I find it gives a tool watch vibe, but retains a sense of refinement that the newer, thicker H-Link bracelet lacks, as it highlights the slim case of the 556.

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