On the Wrist, from off the Cuff: Strapcode / MiLTAT – Angus Jubilee, Review and Comparisons

On this episode we take a look at what could be Strapcode’s highest quality offering yet, the Angus Jubilee. We also compare and contrast against the Super Jubilee, Super Oyster, and Hexad Oyster options also available from Strapcode. As you’ll see from the video the Angus Jubilee is just on another level of quality with finishing that easily rivals the Swiss Made OEM bracelets. Let me know what you think in the comments below, thanks guys!


valebliz says:

My problem with these aftermarket bracelet is that the brushing is always different from the one of the case. In this case it’s better, but still different. And i hate the rounded flanks of the engraved “center link” of the superoyster endlinks…

Alan Twibbins says:

Great vid. Would love to see more on the ray/mako mods. Have you thought of a bezel/insert mod for the black ray 2?

Mark Loges says:

@averagebros where did you get the MM clasp?

ethedr25 says:

Wow that all look awesome. Thanks for sharing.

12 O'clock Orion says:

Great review! Are any of these mod watches for sale?

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Great video. Does the Jubilee fits the Ray. If yes, how does it looks on the Ray.

Daniel Pillai says:

Hi, what clasp is it at @5.30? As on strapcode website theres so many diff clasp. thanks

root9065 says:

You got some killer watches buddy. I’m thinking about ordering the Angus jubilee for my 007, and you may have just convinced me lol.

Alex Magers says:

what’s the story on that ratcheting clasp? Does miltat sell that one? How can I get that seiko ratcheting clasp? And does is only work with the angus jubilee? Thanks

manny5452 says:

that skx mod is a beaut

Jason Moon says:

I love the look of the Angus, in fact I have one in transit for my SKXOO9J. However, I have seen a review which states & clearly shows a significant gap between the end link & the bezel. Compared to the super jubilee which seems to fit snug… On the other hand on the backside the Angus sits perfectly contra the super jubilee which appears inferior. We look at the front, not the back, so of course now I have an Angus in transit I’m thinking I should have maybe gone with the super jubilee? Can you comment on the gap???

daz H says:

That 007 is outstanding, I yearn to have it.

brickman658 says:

I don’t see any responses from the average bros to the fit on padi turtle questions??

Axis Globalis says:

please write the exact name of this number of hours. I can not find it with these arrows. Really like.

James Walker says:

Which strap do you think best fits an un-modded skx009. Would the angus outshine the watch?

John Kennekam says:

I have a SKX007 and the new SRPA21 PADI. Can I use the Angus Jubilee on both?

Redbirdsfan1970 says:

Nice review of the bracelet but why do so many men wear their watch way up on their wrist above their ulner bone? I think it looks off.

Mike Llewellyn says:

Another great review from this channel.

Nathaniel's Phone says:

Thanks bro!

Juice says:

Are these watches for sale?

FleshPie212 says:

Can i ask you where did you get that mod done? thank you

Timemachine Eddie says:

Great Video. I sure would like to see strapecode make a Monster Bracelot like the original however better quality. Thanks for sharing.

evan ahern says:

great review. thanks mate

brickman658 says:

Will the angus jubilee fit the padi turtle?

ALİ BEY says:

If you write the models of the watches in order

loxxrider says:

I’m glad strap code has stepped up the finishing on this bracelet. I love that this is an option and what they did with the end link design, but I have a major problem with the endlink to case fitment. I don’t understand why they left a huge gap there. What are your thoughts on that?

XinG Nan says:

may I know what’s your seiko ref? it looks awesome!

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