Re-size A Seiko 5 Bracelet Like A Boss With Household Items

New to the addiction? Need to know how to resize your Seiko 5 bracelet? Look no further!

The watch in the video is a Seiko 5 SNKK27 but this applies to any Seiko five but not a Seiko 5 Sports watch. Their bracelets are different.

You can get this watch here!: (affliliate link)
Review for this watch and the reason (It’s gonna be REAL good) I got it is coming soon.

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Here are some of the tools, gear and watches that I love!

Shirts: (I’ll keep making new designs when I have…time? ;p

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I am sick of the island that I live on. I mean sure, it’s pretty, relatively safe and crime-free but it is very small…and very expensive. I need to explore. That is why I am working hard on this channel. It is something that I love and I can do anywhere. I just have to not be lazy and keep making videos and do so with a lot of foresight.

Anyway, I met a girl yesterday who’s last name was “China”. It was her made-in name. 😀

No, nothin? Nobody? okay :). Sorry, I was just China be funny.


minitwatch says:

About the end bit: That was at a Sinclair gas station. They all have those big dinosaurs in the parking lot. I couldn’t resist. People were looking at me funny. I looked back at them even funnier.

Jay Henson says:

Curt, only you could make us burst out laughing while changing passive aggressive links. Too good.

Hussein Omobola says:

My favourite YouTube watch guy. love the videos man. Entertaining.

Rick Johnson says:

Number 1: You need to do more videos more often. Number 2: What is the YouTube channel for the puppets?

Giovanni Cuevas says:

Re-sized like a boss hahahaha… Unlce Jimmy would had trolled you if was beside you.

McMuffinFluffin says:

Are you minitstop from accidental broadcasts videos?

Ming's says:

Ok but where do I put the tomato

Joe G says:

Entertaining review, liked it

Truthfears Guilty says:

ya gotta be kiddin!

Peter Vu says:

LOL @ 3:51 ! good video man, enjoyed it

Watch Time LA says:

Same problem here. Off camera everything I do works first time. On camera, many passive aggressive watch parts. If I may ask, what is the origin of the McThis or McThat?

gesu1742 says:

I already know how to do this and I still watch the entire video just because I know you’ll make me laugh. “at least assistant manager” in fine print, for example! Or bracelet links being passive aggressive, lol! (And thanks for not editing out the hiccups!)

Innt It says:

That was some skillful quick fulcruming. Takes me a minute of grobknobbering on each link every time.

walter2065 says:

liket the video ,lots of humor also! nice too see

Harvard Ford says:

I only changed it like an assistant manager…

thezaps back says:

Just a little advice from my experience: in order to make it more comfortable for your wrist, it’s better to size the bracelet asymmetrically. if you shorten downside of the bracelet more than upper side, the clasp will fit much better. if you want to remove total 4 links, better to pick 3 down-1 up than 2-2. Take care! 🙂

William Zoom says:

A day without your AK is a good day:)  I never met a China, but I want too & how do you forget to bring your ticket for the airplane?   Where do you want to go?  Do you want to wander around the country  barefoot Kwai Chang Caine style or on a motorcycle like Renegade?  So many  questions need answered……………..

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