REAL vs. FAKE diamond tennis chain

Let’s look and talk about some real vs. fake jewelry. This is a little series that I want to start. The first is obviously this video. I made my real vs. fake gold video (most popular) but I want to expand on that. We’ll look at pieces individually and see how the fair.



DeeDer Howser says:

I own two REAL diamond tennis chains. I also have an older one that has that square style. The two i wear now have a circle prong setting vs. the square prong setting and it flips a lot less.


How much can I buy one of them chains for ?? The tennis chain. If you’re sellin

The Original Wilson says:

How would one go about getting some of these without stones so I can set my own? Been searching EVERYWHERE but I can’t find anything

Timmy says:

Is there some reason you want us to look up your nose?

damir imamovic says:

can I buy a 10 gram lady fortuna pendant from you and how much would it be

Patrick bennett` says:

i can smell your breath through the screen…

Jakey says:

i just want a fake bracelet that sparkles and blings. anyone know where i can get a good piece?

Brotha Adisa says:

Hey bro what is Rhodium ???? I mean does it fade over silver????

Mike Hunt says:

dude you need to stop eating so much pussy

Roro says:

What is the deal with Gold Lordz?

Don Malo says:

Get to the fucking point dumbass

No Name says:

Fuck you’re annoying

Star Villain says:

Is lab made real I’m so confused

damir imamovic says:

new sub

telepathy90 says:

Good review



cwb0051 says:

well Not too many folks can Aford a 30grand

swagsession1 says:

Had to smash the like button I ain’t wearing no fu fu ya diiiiig

Kef103 says:

they call plastic lab diamond on eBay

Crazy Vines & Pranks says:

bro i got to say something for me personally and alot of people too we dont give a shit about if its worth amillion dollars or 30 bucks on ebay look for me both look the same shit i know the value of the 30 thousand chain its because of the gold and the diamods but lets be realisting you aint buying that specific chain because you think its a good investment they simply are not a good investment and if you can something lets say not for 30 dollars but for 120 bucks you can get something that look exactly the same its worth it i like the replica idea in things like this they simply are worth the money some of them have zirconia wich have a some sort of value to what it maks it valuable its the cuts on the piezes that make it worth it and some of good chain watches ” replicas” wich all of them look the same to me, even that i really pay atention to detail on things some of them are gold plated or silver plated so whenever you whant to sell it or get you money back you actually can get some money back it works the same way there is just a litle differences youa re not droping 30000 dollars in cash on it + whenever you get robed or somebody just snatch it from your fucking neck on a party or in a concert or even on school or in the parking lot you aint losing 30 thousand fucking dollars i honestly have never ever buy nothing fake but in this case and considering all i said before i am down to buy something like that even do i have the money to buy a chain that expensive i wont do it it is just stupid i would buy y fake ass chain and drive my car arround and i would be so proud that i have never buy that stupid expensive chain

will godfrey says:

I want to buy a diamond chain but I want to know if this one is real

Please let me know

Big Gucci Sosa says:

can you tell if gold is fake by looking at a picture of it? I got 3 chains off a mall and I’m wondering if they’re real

Joshua Quansah says:

Welcome to order your tennis chain from us..BlackStarMindz Marketplace #008613629275350

Quis says:

What about zales 1/2ct tennis necklaces are they to be trusted?

Uzi Gaming says:

my man if u can get me a good ass discount on a gold cuban linked 14k chain id be dropping 14k likes on this chanel

Hustlerkidfromrecess says:

Oh kill em

Jason mckay says:

I found a lab diamond tennis chain on ebay for 120$ plus shipping and handling and had the diamonds tested and came back as real lab diamonds and they are set in real 925 silver 24 inch long 2.5 mm wide I got an awsome deal and sold it on kijiji for 240$ I will be buying more and reselling lol

NoKreativeUsername says:

Video translation: gold plated is TRASH

Winston S says:

SO many fake diamond tennis chains going around nowadays lol

caught up says:

Ur daddy owns a jewelry store and u a spoiled lil hoe?

cwb0051 says:

Why throw it away?..Give it to someone dude..

Trill Boy says:

real ones can also go for 5 and up it depends on clarity


they both fake

Armando Chavez says:

you could have bought a chevy charger but you bought a bracelet. you are the wisest guy i know

I P. says:

Nigga Si what? SI 1 or SI 2? Colors? All these idiots be buying lowest grade and cheapest colour and paying for the highest cos they don’t even know the fuckig difference. All these appraisals are certified bullshit made by jewellers friends to put a higher retail/replacement cost on them.. Never buy stones unless they GIA or EGL certified and always check on Rapaport to see how much they cost worldwide, keep in mind, jewellers pay 60-70% of the RAPA price for them so either way you’re getting fucked unless you’re buying your diamonds from a broker or an agent.

Sub to zipxinz says:

My tennis chain is always turning around do you have any ideas how i can stop it

Waves 雅各 says:

guys a douche

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