Rope bracelet SIZING GUIDE

Official rope bracelet video is finally here. Rope chains are my most popular chain. I know some of you guys will enjoy the smaller widths. Great bracelet choice with a classic gold look. All chains are solid 14kt gold and listed on my website.



carlos Reynosa says:

Bring back the smash smash smash!!

Lorenzo Schrubb says:

Love Jacoje gold!

Shaylon T says:

Saving up to buy my Cuban link chain

HotFudgeSunday99 says:

Love the bracelets Jacoje!!

Niala Boo says:

Let’s get it

Unique L. Valdez says:

Nice…. new sub. I’ve been smashing for over a week but now I’m convinced i need notifications

Riley Iwanaga says:


Aram says:


Eduardo Beltran says:

Another thing what happened with “SMASH SMASH SMASH”

flipdog69xxx says:

Ropes all day! Keep doin your thing Braden! SMASH SMASH SMASH!!!

Ernie Carbajal says:


John Ross says:

i need some gold ropes up on me

Angel soto says:

Gold is the greatest most best accessory there is!! I love anything with gold!! And I love it so much that I was able to find the best jeweler in Los Angeles I can’t wait till you pick me for this giveaway !!

Gilbert Amado says:

For the love of gold !

KeelanxHacks says:

Following Jacoje for a while now, bought a mariner chain. Hopefully gonna buy more soon. Smash Smash Smash

Dustin G says:


Young 27 says:

I want the rope bracelet!


Smash smash smash smash that like button

Salvador Alvarez says:

Jacoje looking like mr T with the bracelets

Jt Larry says:

Gold Gold Gold

Victor Baray says:

Can’t beat a rope or flat curb especially from Jacoje! Smash!! Learned so much from your channel

SayySooFlyy says:

Lawwd I need some real gold

Napoleon Ross Jr says:

Love all the videos man! My knowledge for gold increased so much because of you! I even have my girl friend into gold now because of you! Thank you so much! No she understands the values of not going to Name brand jewelry stores to buy jewelry!

Insight From the 403 says:

Can you help me find out what kind of link my chain is I dmed you on Ig

Panda Gee says:

Smash that like button.. n shop

Levisnowbarger says:

Love the ropes! As always great video!!

Precious Metals 925 says:

I have brought a lot of Silver jewelry, but I’m adding gold to my collection

Pure apples says:

i wants to win please

Efraim Eli says:


yes8762 says:

Love the diamond cut ropes

Stuart Demas says:

I could always use another gold piece, especially a jacoje piece!

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