Space Black Apple Watch w/ Link Bracelet Unboxing [$1,200]

Unboxing the top of the line Apple Watch which retails for $1,200. This is the most expensive Apple Watch before the Watch Editions which are $10,000+. This is the Stainless Steel Apple Watch in Space Black with the Link Bracelet.

Space Gray & Black: 1:56
Leather Loop: 5:39
Sports Band: 6:32
Space Gray with Link Bracelet: 7:39

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Robert Martinez says:

+DarGadgetZ Great video

Justin Zhao says:

Will the connector on this band scratch my watch case? The part where it slides into the slot on the case.

Hassanalhajry d says:

This watch didn’t cost half of 1200 to make, Apple pathetic as always

Alb in says:

extremely beautifull

Max Post says:

I wonder if the paint will scratch off

tipoomaster says:

Rolex uses 904L steel, the Apple watch uses 316L steel which is far more common on cheaper watches. Good observation if you felt that difference.

Alpha Ren says:

when will apple bring a space black iPhone, hopefully the iPhone 7

ZmannR2 says:

Metal watch bands should be worn loose

Sebastian G says:

I have an all black moto 360 and I’m going to get the gold Apple Watch Sport ,but for whatever reason I think the black Apple Watch is not the best if your only going to get one watch because the stainless one goes with more things and you can buy more bands with it

Maulanna Maryunani says:

8:08 so what you’re saying is that one shade is dark black, while the other shade is a slightly darker black one?

+10 internetz to the first who gets the reference.

mikel kore says:

the blue milanese loop band is the better than black band

DL Butler says:

Looks beautiful on your wrist, been thinking of getting my nephew the dark 42″ stainless steel. Oh, it did look sweet!

Justin Hager says:

I disagree with a lot of what you said

CHAVI says:

just bought this one yesterday online!

Zodic Jeremy says:

No have to purchase everything to get Apple Watch below!
## ##
I have lucky to obtain it about a month back.

Laurent de backer says:

I actually like the space grey Apple Watch Sport edition, but i want to go for the sapphire glass… So yeah. But i must admit, i wanted to for the black one, but seeing this, i now am leaning more towards the “silver housing”. Don’t know why, it just doesn’t look that nice as i thought. Anyway, great review, and of course beautiful watch! I do like the metal bracelet and the leather one 🙂

garett fuller says:

It’s space gray ok get it right

Michael Rivers says:

Space grey watch with link bracelet looks amazing!

Ariozo says:

Have use Apple Watch for a while now and i unlike you think the “standard” apple watch black was my favorite. Did start of with the sport but did get the black apple watch later on and is my favorite atm. use it with Link,sport and Nomad band. But guess it is lucky folks are different..:) I like the weight and feel of the standard more than the sport.

madalin vioniko says:

This is an current contest, this season Apple Watch is available..
>>> .
Decent source until now, pretty pleased obtained one of them 2 weeks back.

Michael Madsen says:

which is the most comfortable band?

Cringe Tube says:

I am ur biggest fan

VTProductionsPC says:

my samsung gear s2 costed me $449aud and higher quality black metal band for $30 but 50 when i got the gold band also. apple alway charge premium especially for the bands id buy of ebay or Amazon the exact band wouldnt cost 249aud u can get it for 45aud. bands shouldnt cost more than 80 if they do must be silver or gold

Aaron Belcher says:

Apple Watch Edition is no longer sold for $10,000+ The most expensive is now only $1299

M. Angelov says:

I love the iwatch, I love apple but 1,200 USD. Hilarious…

Kyle Mcgrogan says:

If I had any meaningful purpose to have the apple watch, I would have gotten the link bracelet one in silver or space black, they are truly gorgeous.

Panthers1521 says:

God apple is printing money with these things

Lucas Cabaj says:

The reason that the apple watch steel feels so much different than most Rolex watches is because Rolex uses a very precise and difficult process to manufacture a special steel. Most watches use 316L stainless steel, while Rolex uses 904L stainless steel. It’s shinier and nicer, but also costs triple the price.

Zeltonic says:

The hermes watchfreetvonline are more expensive than yours

kazumoff1 says:

why did your choose russian language?

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