Stock Seiko SKX Bracelet VS Super Jubilee Bracelet Best Alternative


CustomCrunchx says:


Theodore_lyons says:

yessss love me a super job

Paul Kleinkramer says:

I respect your opinion of the Seiko stock Jubilee bracelet but I think it is a little bit wrong headed. It’s very easy to fall into disrespecting something because the ‘hobby mindset’ routinely disrespects it out of hand. In this case I can’t jump on the SKX Jubilee hater’s band wagon. Reality has shown me that the hate is not deserved.

1) Yes it is jangly like rattling nuts & bolts in a tin can when you shake it like a maraca, but once properly sized and on the wrist, it’s silent. I tend to keep my SKX on my wrist so noise has never been a problem for me. If your watch bracelet is noisy, try putting it on your wrist.

2) The flexibility of the stock Jubilee bracelet is unprecedented and that is the secret to it’s incredible and unparalleled comfort on the wrist. It conforms to every movement of arm, hand and wrist better that any other bracelet or strap I’ve experienced. I have a high-end Swiss Engineer bracelet on an Eterna and, as great as it is, I’m not sure that it matches the sad, jangly, hollow end link Jubilee from Sieko. At least in terms of comfort.

3) If the stock Jubilee bracelet lays down or folds over when the watch is set down on it’s side on the table, I
suggest you put the watch on your wrist. I really prefer to keep my
SKX on wrist.

4) I’m a field service technician and have beat up my poor old 009 every day for 8 years by knocking it around inside of industrial equipment racks. The Jubilee hasn’t stretched enough for me to hardly notice. I think maybe the claim of bracelet stretch is more urban legend than reality.

5) Many have made a big deal out of the inferiority of hollow end links. Why? In what way are they inferior? The fit on the SKX is impeccable, they look perfect and will outlast the watch and perhaps outlast the wearer of the watch. The bumper on my car is hollow, yet I don’t endevor to replace it with a bumper milled from a solid stainless steel billet…

6) Finally, that Strapcode Jubilee is a thing of beauty but you’re giving up the SEIKO signed clasp. Dude! You didn’t even mention that. I’d sooner put on the rubber diving strap or a Nato!

Afficionado Stephen says:

seiko skx junk

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