I follow Supreme Patty on IG. I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me about his jewelry and want me to make a review on it. I do enjoy making these videos but I get a lot of hate. This is just my opinion as a jewelry enthusiast and not to hate or shade what others are doing. I respect the grind and hustle no matter what.


Lil Christ says:

But i fake gold shop chain is worth the same as a lil gold Cuban right whats the point I’ll just go get the tiny cuban then a gold shop chain js

Аарон Барсук says:

Just got my FREE watch from SUPREMEPATTY.c0M. That shit is so bad lmao!!

Steve Gilbert says:

Oh and I’m interested in to a Chinese dragon charm bracelet and a chain with a Chinese dragon on it the Chinese dragons are running Train by the chain wrapped around with a Chinese dragon charm Iced Out and platinum white gold yellow gold and silver

Steve Gilbert says:

Love the diamond fake Kimberly can get that one custom with the real diamonds and real gold stun getting the fake one affordable I think it’s just stick with 10 karat but they can’t afford any type of high-quality gold so they let them stick with TennCare and that I recommend to spend more money on real something don’t look too good high-quality or right

Deangelo Louis says:

The funniest thing to me is when people pay 200-300 on fake jewelry when you can go to the swap meet and get you something real for same price it won’t be as big but at least it’s real and has a worldwide value anywhere you go

DatNigga Jeezus says:

Don’t be hatin on my boy supreme patty

Tommy Rango says:


The Gaming Crew says:

What size Cuban you have on ?

J. BiRD says:

Supreme Patty sux Big Donkey Dick! Can’t stand that Queer.

Nemisis says:

Review apporo brand and saint Midas please reply

Jared Rawlins says:

McDonald’s is garbage.

Juan Medina says:

Hey bro nice vid can you Review Harlembling !!

Sabrina Merrick says:


Dillon Andrew Del Alto says:

But who wants fake jewelry lol

Squit Of_Doom says:

can you do a review on bijouterieronin? They sell 20mm iced out cuban chains made out of sterling silver and plated with white gold for $200 and Im curious if they are worth it or if they‘re a scam

Inrry Torres says:

Mwn jacoje be ripping niggas off

NEVIK O says:

You should do a World Series best chain type of review seeing all the different chains and styles.

Tight vids hope to one day shop jacoje foo.

Jamari Ferron says:

Can u pls do a vid on what you will do for this years black friday sales


Gotta question for you bro, could you put a pendant on a byzantine chain without having any issues?????????

Jermaine Kennedy says:

Do jewelers charge by the diamond when setting diamonds in watches and pendants?

Duke Wallace says:

.love your reviews love jacoje

J. BiRD says:

Seriously, Supreme Patty IS NOT COOL! I have no idea why you think so. All he does is make the youth of today care about the wrong things and Fuck their priorities up. I’m going to beat the shit out of him if I ever run into him, and that’s a fact. Stay away from making these kind of videos. We all know that ‘jewelry’ on those websites is str8 garbage.

Ultimatehockeychannel says:

If you want gold jewelry buy silver jewelry or a hollow gold chain if you can’t afford a solid chain

dragoner243 says:

I just bought a chain from you! Can´t wait for it to arrive

Solid Saturn03 says:

I’m wearing my little 10k gold chain

Steve Gilbert says:

Oh can you show some Dragon pieces and also horseshoe pieces osm big huge huge piece of something like big like a hub cap on Tire something like that is iced out or and gold just like to see you got something like that but that’s on my comments love your videos man and your jewelry

LightOff says:

supreme fatty

Scott MrConservative says:

Yo send me the bracelet LOL i’ll try lol

God Jehova says:

What is the width of the Miami cuban?

Raymond Torres says:

Stainless steel rope chains are the same as a stainless steel diver’s watch won’t tarnish i think it’s better than 80$ fake jewelry that would last only 1 day you can shower beach won’t get messed up

Alcchy Music says:

Can you review the gemstone gods cause I want to see if there gold is legit or not

Steve Gilbert says:

But Jerry I love all this mess I’m up looking fresh clean Maxwell look nice but real is the best of the best especially the purest of all piers 24-karat the best but those are cooking I said 10 is the best or out more 10 karat with it to be more better

Amar Reddy says:

*Bro get a nice camera*

1700 REESO says:

Silver/gold w CZ/lab diamonds is the way to go, diamonds r the way to go cuz diamonds aren’t rare they basically marked up in america jus cuz is hard to get them cuz they by volcanoes N shi

Jasper Qualls says:

Love this video. Got in some chains last week and I got some customs being made now! Very happy!

Zachary Tessari says:

You have really nice high quality chains and pendants and rings

Daniel Torres says:

would like to shop from you ‼️ custom letter pendent ‼️

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