The Sinn 104 St Sa I “H-Link” Bracelet: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Here’s a quick review of the newly available H-Link Style bracelet for the Sinn 104. It’s a nice bracelet, which is well made and easy to resize. But it’s not perfectly integrated with the watch, has a few small issues, and lacks quick-adjustment options relative to some of the leaders in the field.

At the end of the day, it makes the 104 better, and it’s probably worth the price, but it’s not a perfect showing.

Here’s the review of the full watch:


freezi says:

Does you bracelet middle links match your case?

Swanie1 says:

Nice watch!
Just a tip on the bracelet make sure to put blue loctight on all of the little screws that hold the pins in the links. I have a Sinn U1 that I ordered the tagmented H bracelet for and one of the screws loosened up and fell out somewhere, luckily the pin didn’t come out on it and fall off. But after 6 years of having it on that was the only hiccup, not bad for a watch band that cost $500 lol.

Randall Kelley says:

Yo Nick, is Tag Huer a decent watch. I got one like 15 years ago, the cronograph Professional 2000. I keeps perfect time, batt. lasts about 20 months. Just asking!

olmmedic says:

I love that watch

Arthur Leyenberger says:

Very interesting and informative review, Nick. Even if one is not considering this particular watch or this particular bracelet, there is still something to learn. Thanks for sharing. And oh, I think you need to cut down on your caffeine consumption. Or maybe it’s too much sugar! 😉 You seem a little hyper.

Jim Boutilier says:

I often prefer straps to bracelets because of the difficulty and inconvenience of making size adjustments on most bracelets. Most bracelets I’ve had only offer full link adjustments on the bracelet and very limited pin adjustments on the clasp that can’t compensate for even half a link size. And almost no bracelets offer a quick adjust for comfort due to different altitudes, temperatures, and activity levels.

Quick adjustments are rare even in expensive luxury watches – recent Rolex Submariners for instance offers a great ratcheting quick adjust on its bracelet – but its the only Rolex watch that does so far. The GMT Master offers a small fixed 5mm quick adjust which is nice but not as nice as the Submariner. Only a very tiny number of Rolex models offer any kind of quick adjust bracelet. And from what I can gather, bracelet adjustability is even more limited in the majority of more affordable watches.

This shouldn’t be a very difficult or expensive feature to add, and as this is such a common complaint, it’s one that would definitely be appreciated. So I’m not sure why it’s not more widespread.

gom tv says:

Great review! Is there any taper?

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