The truth behind this website is that it’s actually legit. The quality is good and the prices are even better. Will be buying more from . The free stuff sounded kind of fishy but the The free stuff is the best stuff. 9.5/10 review. I will be uploading all my new content from my previous reviews on my other account JROFFICIAL


Jus10bdub says:

200th follower

C.〽〰 says:

Haha free stuff. Yet you payed $13 for it haha

Obie Flice says:

Category: Comedy……………………..

Savage AF! says:

That’s not free man. They fucked you on shipping

mathiastyner says:

I got mine today.

Mellow 47 says:

I ordered the 100 chain it was same price as lion one but I wanted the 100 more

Therock Bs says:

Big Fat L

Snowdis says:

Bro you do realize the tennis chain is $5 on Chinese websites? They bring it into the us or have a Chinese supplier, paid like $2 per chain cause they buy in bulk, say it’s free, then charge u $30 shipping. Smh wake up world

soulja boy says:

His chains look hella lit tho

Matthew Evangelista says:

It’s all stuff from aliexpress he’s dropshipping and using is social influence to sell it. It’s scrap metal

Forshizzle Play’s says:

I bought the diamond watch I love it and I’m ordering now the iced out Miami Cuban and iced out grills

Crash K says:

Buddy, Get to the point lmao

lil trumoo says:


coolkid6748 Vargas says:

Tbh I thought the shrimp chain was a guy

Jimmi James says:

Dumb as fuck!!!

Mellow 47 says:

I’ll be looking forward to buying a braclet from them

Andre staalesen says:

supremepatty is a faggot and its not real diamonds and gold

N60 Beats says:

Free chains and watches at! All you have to do is pay *$15 for shipping*

Jimmi James says:

JR official is

kendall says:

free is not a good word to use

Gage Zamora says:

Garbage fake ass chains

eddie san says:

I shrimp not!

noah_h00ps_ says:

Fake ass cz diamonds

fsociety / says:

Bro everything he sells is on Amazon lmfaoo

Pickleskirtskirt Y says:

The shrimp looks like mew

hamburper says:

everything on his site is stolen from other shit thats fake

brick says:


AmazingTSDO says:

It’s supremes friend I️ bet

TwisterxElite says:

That’s how retailers/company’s do it for example some eBay sellers would offer their items for free or 1¢ but the shipping fees would be high as hell. Nothing is free if your paying for shipping. That’s how they get their money, in reality shipping probably costed them a dollar or two.


Make a video of you going to a jewelry store and see if it is real. Then say everything. But I really like this Vids. Support the channel, keep on goin!

Nick James says:

It’s all from AliExpress

James Hickman says:

All chains and accessories free on SUPREMEPATTY.COM. swipe up to get iced up!

Jon Sudlow says:

No, those diamonds do not look real at all.

Ezekie Worku says:


Vape-Dude-Nude says:

It’s obviously fake if it was real you’d be in debt

Stephen Norris says:

He’s just stoked about the value guys..obv its not free 🙂

Malaysia's Very Own says:

They’re CZ diamonds it says in the description on the items and they are legit stones but they just man made

Dave says:

rip off

razelsteer says:

when you get charged for shipping its not free

Mood Arts says:


LIL Zophen official music says:

Them chains gonna turn yo neck green

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