Timestrap Shark Mesh Bracelet – Review On Six Watches

Hey gang! Let’s check out this sweet mesh bracelet from http://timestrap.co.uk!

Check out this bracelet here!: https://timestrap.co.uk/collections/mesh/products/mesh-shark-high-grade-pvd-20-22-24mm
Use coupon code MINITWATCH to receive 20% off your order!

The bracelet on various watches:
03:50 Seiko Turtle SRP775 – http://amzn.to/2HpsrCs (affiliate links)
04:39 Orient AM/PM “roulette” CFN01002EH (next to impossible to find)
05:55 Seiko SRPB09 Blue Lagoon Samurai: Check ebay. Cheaper alternatives here: http://amzn.to/2BzH4Th (af link)
07:29 Orient Mako USA II – https://www.orientwatchusa.com/shop/mens-watches/saa0200cw9/
09:01 Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military MK1 – Check ebay or get the newer version here: https://www.steinhartwatches.de/en/diver-watch/ocean-vintage-military-new.html
10:25 Seiko SARY055 – http://amzn.to/2Hpjk4P (af link)

Here are some of the tools, gear and watches that I love!

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What a rollercoaster this life is right now.


Joe G says:

Like the mesh look much.. thnx for sharing

studes4ever says:

That is one beautiful mesh. I think I’m going to pick one of those up. Really bitchin’ on that Mako!

Vojislav Hlad says:

Can we get a throwback of the old intro, I miss the funky song 😀

julius dendawijaya says:

Bro, ever thought about reviewing the highest casio gshock lines like the GST models or the MRG models? I know alot of People tends to say that the gshock lines shouldnt go near anywhere the higher rolex priclines. But… Them watches… *drools….

Patrick Morrissey says:

I personally love Shark mesh and Milanese on Diving Watches….

I thought the white face Orient Diver might have been the winner…

They were all great though….

You couldn’t say “Uhhh, no dude” to ANY of them, quite honestly….

Great video.

mountainhobo says:

That Orient AM/PM on mesh looks amazing. My #1 of this set. And yes, I would love to see you try Milanese mesh on various watches. I’ve always loved the look of a mesh (fine Milanese on dress watches and shark on sports watches). It harks back to the days of real men wearing chainmail while going out to raze, loot, and pillage.

Harvard Ford says:

Not many people know that in ancient Americana it is common courtesy to shove sugar mesh bracelet up into the butthole as a form of formality when greeting the queen of poptarts

Back in ancient times,. The T-Rex would do errands like mate, and kill other dinosaurs. But it’s mother is a bishh and would always want him to be back home in time for dinner! Oh no!

He needed a watch BUT had tiny toothpick wrists so even the smallest of watch straps wouldn’t for his tiny little cocktail hands

What did the T-Rex do to rectify this

He sat on his watch strap in order to make it smaller

BUT what happened was it entered his butt hole

He has come to an epiphany

So to tell the time he would make a loud fart sound check the time and shove it back in his prehistoric ass so he can be back home in time for dinner

William Zoom says:

I like the Roulette,  now I must head back to a hot girl playing Fortnite 🙂

Jojo Cruz says:


nishikanta mohanty says:

Hey Kurt,

Please review Citizen Nh8350 series watches specially blue one and let us know if you can work some magic on it like saphire crystal and this mesh bracelet.

spookyspoots says:

Great video! I’ve been wanting to get one of these bracelets. My wrists are smaller than yours so I’ll really have to be careful that I get one that’ll fit me. Their relative un-sizeability is one of their design problems. I loved the way it looked on all your watches. Great choices.

zygie01 says:

My dude, that looks killer on the BL Sam. You have given me my next bracelet for that, since I can’t afford the Strapcode hexad yet.

Frank Strömberg says:

I put a cheap shark mesh on my Seiko Alpinist as a temporary replacement for the horrible leather strap while choosing between a jubilee or an Oyster.
Now it will stay on the shark mesh. Comfy, sturdy and rather classy.

Saifuz Parvin says:

That ocean one is the best looking!, man I want it so bad.

Erling Skaatun Gausdal says:

Great vid! I even got to use the coupon code. Happy peanut!

t wilson says:

I think that strap looked awesome on the Turtle i think it made it look a little more bad ass. That Orient was beautiful i was unaware of the AM/PM complication and that particular one was stunning. The Lagoon was probably my favorite I’ll have to get one someday haha. I thought the Mako was a little Meh but very nice still. The Steinhart was classic and looked very righteous my Guy. I think the SARY was also a great match with that bracelet unlike the Mako with its dive bezel the SARY looks very clean very classy Berry Sexy. Great video my Man a nice bracelet on a number of watches that it complimented very well.

Marc Joseph says:

this is dynamite on the skx007. the mesh matches the coinedge. so great. i cut mine and it looks awesome without any links. only 30 bucks for this one here in china. 50usd is a pretty good price if sold and shipped quickly within US.

fyi, the same manufacturer makes a super engineer that’s very nice for the price

Marcelo Cantu says:

Great photography! What is that song in your outro? Oh and BTW, no need to apologize for your tangential rants my man. Let it flow! Let yourself go! Slow and low! That is the tempo!

tifosomatt says:

Holy glorious results!! I’ve thought about getting a h-link shark mesh in the past but was wary because of crap results with a milanese (it just felt too ladyboi). But thanks a lot for making this video, I now know that I MUST add one to the strap collection

DonjonArmory says:

No links would work for me as we have the same wrist size. My favorite was actually the Turtle, really makes me want to buy a SRP773. I could sell the factory bracelet and put it on this mesh. Oh, and I am looking forward to your Milanese video, please explain the difference between Milanese and mesh.

Fernando Guerrero says:

The seiko turtle with the shark mesh look great, it looks more vintage! great video

robbiecox says:

I have this superb sharkmesh, but my source is Yizistore, on ebay, They have a huge selection of straps and bracelets of various styles and qualities at great prices. Don’t know if Yizistore is available where you are.

gesu1742 says:

Cracking me up as usual! I love your videos, and I appreciate your strap videos with wrist shots! Very useful!

Dino AMF says:

Thanks for the video and discount. I just ordered the 20mm version for my Citizen NY0040 with the blue dial. Haven’t wore it yet because I don’t care for the rubber strap. This should make it really pop. Figured it will also go good with my Orange Monster.

Hakuna Matata says:

Maybe that cricket is in your head only? 😀

Sparro says:

Hey buddy….what an impressive collection “That’s what she said…” Looking really good with the mesh, especially the Mako 🙂

jk12324 says:

My wrist is smaller than yours, I guess this won’t be for me then :'(

John’s tanks and more. says:

Could you do an in depth video on how to re-align a chapter ring on a watch? I’ve broke so many damn seiko watches trying to fix them.

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