Uncle Seiko Razor-Wire Bracelet Review – The Best Alternative Bracelet for Your SKX or Turtle Diver

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mr bacchus says:

Wait, there are watch people without a SKX or turtle? I think we need a fundraiser or something right?

SgtDaniels 63INF says:


Anon Ymous says:

Great review was looking at the bracelet on the website its a must buy now.

danny frazier says:

i wish i’d known of this before. i bought a strapcode for my skx007 and the solid end links do not fit anywhere near flush, and the edge’s are so sharp it’s painful… this is a very cool bracelet. nice video Patrick

Harvard Ford says:

I respect the fact that you want something out of the usual

But I do prefer having an engineer bracelet on my timepieces

I think it’s just preference

Wing Yip says:

I was also curious about this bracelet. I was about to get this bracelet for my modded SKX, but at the same time it is a unique bracelet offering, it may be a little “out there”.. Not saying it is an ugly bracelet, it is not, but, when I look at the watch it will be going on, and yes it is an SKX much like you have in this video, having that razor wire design so prominent seems to stick out in the fact there is nothing on the SKX that has such details.. there isn’t anything quite so jagged and finely detailed on the SKX. So, overall, the design correlation between the bracelet and the SKX is not entirely cohesive.

FYI, the reason I actually initially jumped at almost getting the razor wire bracelet was because it looked medieval, I think an adjective or metaphor you sort of commented on as well.. “looks like something out of a novel”, And why I thought it would be a good look to my modded SKX is because I have named it my “Night King” mod. Yes, if you watch Game of Thrones, you will be familiar with this name. It looks like some bit of armor or texture on a medieval and semi-organic armor attire which seemed appropriate.. and it probably would be. Also, if you are familiar with Star Trek and Klingon costumes, it reminds me of something that would go along the back spine of their armor-plated costumes, too.. perhaps more so given the more outlandish update they’ve created in the recent Star Trek Discovery series on CBS. Anyways…

I have to agree, the razor wire can actually look a bit rope-like in design & appearance.. as such, I can see how it can tie back to a nautical theme which works for a dive watch.

BUT, I thought about it again and I came to the conclusion as what I wrote above.. just not certain there is any design element in the SKX that ties to such razor wire design.. IDK. It will require rewatching your video and pics online a few more times, maybe some Photoshop work, to completely evaluate whether this razor wire bracelet would fit my needs/wants or not.

Going back to the design of the razor wire, I feel it is a unique play on a bracelet design some call the mesh link bracelet. See WatchGecko website for this design, I believe some Oris Chronoris watces with a bracelet option also has such a mesh link bracelet design.. Basically, the outer links are solid and wide pieces and the inner links are fine ones which consist of a combined total of 15 pieces (I believe). What Uncle Seiko looks like he has done is removed some of those fine smaller inner links and add a unique spacer at the start where the bracelet meets the lug ends so the fewer smaller links can tilt and angle inwards. The center is spaced with the bottom set of small links which are also angled inwards and it repeats all the way through.

I think the only question I might have is because of the way it is designed, did you find the inner “razor” links pinch or pull at skin or hair? I can imagine that might be an issue, but since you didn’t mention it as a bad point, it probably never happened.

Anyways, thanks for getting a closer look at this unique Uncle Seiko offering. It does sucks no other watches can sport this bracelet. But, then again there’s something kind of cool to have an exclusive designed bracelet for us Seiko fans.. just hope he expands to more compatible Seiko models.. which I’m sure he will eventually do.. I think additionally I’ve asked him if he can make more straight end link versions for his other bracelet offerings which he said he was working on.

Nate Ramirez says:

If this has the same clasp as the uncle seiko BoR, which it looks like, then I’m surprised that isn’t a “bad/ugly” for you. Although overall I do believe and agree with you that uncle seiko products are quality and especially for the price I am sad that the clasp isn’t of better quality. My clasp came to me hard to open and very sharp to the touch where it can almost cut me. This isn’t going to deter me from continuing to buy uncle seiko products in the future but IMO there is a big quality difference between the bracelet links and the clasp. I’d be willing to pay more for a better clasp so I hope you see this message Larry! haha. Great review overall still though Pat! You got my wanting the razor wire even though I have the BoR and Z199 already

Timemachine Eddie says:

I would love to see one for the Seiko Monster. Great review and Thanks for sharing.

TopSecretVid says:

It would look good on my 7002

DonjonArmory says:

So, how did you get the drilled lugs? Also, this bracelet is a little too wild for me, I would prefer the Jubilee or president style bracelets.

Random Rob says:

Thanks for review. Just ordered one with both end links for skx and turtle.

Jason Wilson says:

Very nice bracelet indeed, I think I’ll get the BOR bracelet first before this one, for the price of this razor it would of been nice if it had solid end links

Alan Vega says:

Great job on this video. I’m now a sub!

James Duffy says:

In the Los Angeles fly-through scenes, the Seiko logo is seen prominently in Blade Runner 2049. Maybe the alignment issues will have been resolved by then! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpCgdtnMcfE

Firas says:

nice review, will it fit on the Seiko monster?

Steve Tackett says:

When I first saw this bracelet on US website, I though it looked a little busy and….bikerish, if I could use that term. After actually seeing it on an SKX I really love it and will be adding it to my 009. Thanks for reviewing this. Sometimes it helps to see something like this in an actual application. Great video. Thanks Patrick.

Isaac Raj says:

Enjoyed the review! Might have to get one now. As you said, Super polarizing and makes a classic 009 look bada$$!!

PS: I understand you like the guy for getting you his bracelet, but Don’t lie. NOBODY thinks bending hollow end links back to shape is okay lol

1Sanantoniomatute says:

Would look good in a Versace watch. Like the ‘Kai’ type models.

Timepiece Perfection says:

Great work, very informative. keep up the good work. I subscribed.

tunokies says:

Larry’s bracelets and straps are fantastic. I’ve had the Razor Wire since it first became available. It doesn’t pull your arm hairs, very comfortable because it’s flexible like the jubilee. A bit of a brain teaser to size – I’ve a 6.5″ wrist and took all the links out then added one back in. Looks awesome.
I’ve also got Larry’s waffle, tropic in 3 sizes and tyre tread strap…..well us guys don’t really do jewellery so that’s my excuse for having do many and I’m sticking to it.

bignewshound says:

What??? Harrison Ford has an LCD digital watch in Bladerunner – which in 1981 was thought to be the future of timekeeping. http://www.watchhunter.org/2017/10/watches-in-cinema-blade-runner-1982-harrison-ford-rick-deckard-microma-digital-lcd-pvd-watch.html

Tough Solar Music says:

The Uncle Seiko logo on the clasp is the Omega logo upside down. Coincidence? Haha.

Conqwiztadore22 says:

Don’t like it

Tired of Fools says:

Thank you for this review! I stumbled upon it while searching for a Bracelet for my own SARB017..but I have been successful. Any suggestions as to where I could possibly find a bracelet for the SARB017? Looks like I need to buy an SKX to pair with this rather stunning Razor-wire Bracelet!

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