Uncle Seiko z199 and BOR bracelets

The bracelets from Larry at Uncle Seiko are made by a Seiko nut for the Seiko nuts. We finally have a Seiko fanboy making the products we want and need at the prices we can afford.



Jayke says:

Waiting for seiko mini turtle video

James Shives says:

I wish he would make these for the skx 013…. I especially want a solid endlink president for my 013, but I know thats alot to ask since it probably wouldnt be as popular a seller.
Also, I’m on the same boat in the push pin vs screw thing

Jesse Mrozowski says:

What’s that second watch? It looks like an SKX but the face is a very bright blue which I like.

ramzey189 says:

Uncle Seiko just came out with the all new RAZOR-WIRE for the Turtle. It looks insane. Please review!

Quidditch says:


Larry Bouligny says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing, Rob. Incidentally, one of my nephews (not really) told me that if you flip the bracelet over and put the underside on top, you can turn it into a brushed metal bracelet! I hadn’t realized this when I had them made, but it is a kind of cool alternative if you want a less blingy look. Keep it up, Rob. Great videos! — Uncle Seiko

Jonathan Vasquez says:

Hi Sir! May I know where u bought ur blue SKX & those bracelets? Ty

Jeffrey Wood says:

Cool bracelets. Thanks for sharing Rob 🙂

DonjonArmory says:

I like the jubilee and president bracelets. If the seiko Jubilee bracelet ever breaks on my SKX I will buy one from Uncle Seiko.

Shipmate says:

The rice beads bracelet looks amazing. Wish they were NOT hallowed end links; that’s one of the whole reasons to change bracelets for me.

GEARY says:

Another thought just occurred to me: does Uncle Seiko have any plans to make bracelets for the new mini turtles?

jay richards says:

Hi Rob, what model skx is that with the blue sunburst dial, I love it. Or have u modded it? If so could you post the link to the dial please

Ramon Alberto Tamayo Isla says:

Thank you for your vids.

jason Jones says:

Thanks for doing a video on Uncle Seiko I couldn’t happier with mine. He ships fast and he’s easy to communicate with.

Tony Yip says:

Yes!!!! Z199!

Paolo Soddu says:

Is there any uncle Seiko bracelet for the skx013?

Luc Albert says:

I LOVE his bracelet – I own one of his oyster and it’s super nice. Plus you get kick ass customer service. I’m tempted by the z199

durbarmarg says:

Gorgeous stuff. Now, please make a jubilee bracelet for the SARB033 – then I can die happy.

Seiko Rebel says:

Larry should make straight end links for his BOR. Nice guy and solid products

Waktosha 73 says:

I have the beads of rice bracelet for my 009. It is super comfortable and looks amazing, until you look close. The outside of the links are not machined evenly and a couple of them jut our on the edge. It could’ve been an awesome bracelet if it weren’t for the poor machining!

Noah Wofford says:

That beads of rice bracelet’s clasp looks extremely similar to the Miltat ones. Especially the foldover and push-buttons. Loving the vids Rob.

GEARY says:

I’m very interested in the Uncle Seiko President for an SKX mod I’m building. Cheers.

Nick G says:

Nice review!!love tapered bracelets

chris auge says:

Thanks for the review…I’ve heard his rubber straps are great too

highnrising says:

I only watched the first 2 minute. The bracelet rattles around and makes such tinny noise when you handle it that it sounds like a real piece of junk. Maybe the original is like that, too. I don’t know.

Andrew Shenton says:

Hmm.. The price is better than Starpcode but I would say the strapcode seem a bit more solid. I have a Hexad from strapcode and its great but it was expensive tbh

tunokies says:

Yes. Definitely grab some more for review. I’ve got all 3 sizes of his tropic. One on my SLA and one on my wrist on a 7002.

Jason WB says:

Hate hollow end links unless there rolex style. If solid end links are machined right, they always fit perfectly with no movement.

Robert Sanchez says:

Cool stuff from Uncle Seiko , I like his rubber straps too like the tropic
Strap it’s perfect for my 051

Justin M. says:

Think I’m going to have to get a Super Oyster from good ‘ol Unkle Seiko.

Timemachine Eddie says:

Great review. Great watch Bands. What I would like to see from Strapcode or Uncle Seiko or Miltat is a better quality Seiko Monster Bracelet with the links at least 5-6 mm thick.. If You check out Aragon watches their bracelets make the Angus Jubilee look anemic. They are amazing.Just a thought.

sososofteshu says:


Minus4Plus6 says:

The rubber straps are great also !!!

Bene C says:

Oh don’t they look great wonder which would look best on my SNE391 THANKS FOR ANOTHER GREAT VIDEO STAY SAFE

Jesse 232 says:

Thanks for the review Rob, the skx mod also looks very clean

Skippi Names says:

I hope he sends you a Razor to review.

Good videos by the way.

Joe G says:

Thnx for sharing Rob, I tend to agree with you on all counts.. swell video

Kieren Moore says:

Thanks for the review! Does he do a solid end-links bracelet for the Alpinist (SARB017)?

FuwaForestFilms EDC Gear LED Tool Uhren Foto Video says:

3:20 The second volume is a dreamlike beauty! 🙂

Miamis4me says:

Yup. Push pins three seconds screws three minutes. Good looking bracelets.

Larry Bouligny says:

Someone below mentioned that the rattling of the z199 makes it sound like a piece of junk. As I shared with him, the rattle is from the excess bracelet being tucked under the clasp. If you don’t want it to rattle, take off another link or two and don’t store the extra under the clasp. It has nothing to do with the materials used.

Paul Jackson says:

Strap different colour to head

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