WatchGecko Bracelet Review: Mesh, Oyster, and Engineer

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Roberto Lira says:

Great video thank you for showing these great mesh straps from watchgecko great supplier. I am having a hard job to find an alternative strap for my CW C11 Extreme 1000 any suggestion would be much appreciate. 🙂

Knives&Lint says:

These look like great value for the money.  I’m glad you pointed out how well the antique silver looks, that’s something I probably wouldn’t have considered otherwise.  I wish they offered the blue mesh in 24mm, I think it would be fun to try that on my Superocean Heritage.  I’m definitely going to be trying some of these out though.  Thanks for the review!

Valerio S says:

do you know if the oyster is compatible with an skx009? I have it only on a rubbe r strap.

daltonjr says:

Good looking bracelets, thanks for the honest review!

Jason Youn says:

Great video! Can you recommend a bracelet to replace the one the SNZH comes with?

Fred T says:

I think I’ll finally have to try some of these straps and bracelets. I’d like to see more of the macro details of watch gecko’s leather options… I want to see how they look on your wrist in terms of for smaller wrists too…. we have similar sized wrists and I appreciate being able to see them on a wrist that’s not a massive 8 inch arm.

ornament design says:

CG thank you for professional made informative video! 🙂

Philip Mallory says:

Ordered some today. It’s a great time to buy using the pound!!!


I really like the butterfly clap bracelet
But not the black. I’m not into black watches or black bracelets. I also like the thicker mesh

ProenskiKaproensky says:

Quite like that antique silver. The more regular mesh ones you can find much cheaper. Doesn’t that engineer look silly when you put a 22mm strap on 20mm end links??

bruce karalash says:

Nice vid CG!

Minus4Plus6 says:

Seiko use that pin and collar system also on their “more expensive” watches. i think even omega and citizen use it also its very common. I remember the first time i came across it on a Seiko kinetic i was like wtf is this bs lol

Matt Edwards says:

will definitely have to pick up the antique silver one! great vid

Mark Bloom says:

That marathon would look good with just a shoe string holding it to MY wrist, the heavy mesh bracelets are my favorites,

WatchGecko says:

Thanks for the honest review CG!

We love the Antique Silver Mesh with your Seiko SNZH, Wow!

If anyone has any questions regarding our straps, feel free to reply here.

Tim at WatchGecko

Jorge Rosas says:

I got my eye on a mesh for my Vostok Amphibia!

TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces says:

Love that double weave band.Great review:)

Jason Wilson says:

Brilliant reviews, watchgecko should be paying you, lol. I’ve bought 2 super engineer bracelets just like the last one in this video but got mine from strap code and they are quality and have the screw in link pins instead of those awful pins you mentioned, I feel your pain, why do they have to have those tiny pin barrels, my sarb033 has them, terrible. keep up the good work, Jason

CHRIS LJ says:

I love mesh bracelets for the comfort and simplicity, and these are pretty sweet for the money. But on the type with the butterfly clasp you lose the ease of adjustment since I believe you have to literally cut off the links to size it, and once that’s done there ain’t no goin’ back. Nice looking products all the same.

Bruce Williams says:

The marathon looks at home on the super engineer!

Asad lion says:

How do you shorten the butterfly clip?

Ken Cooper says:

Your favorite band is mine, too. Not only because of its affordability, but also the color is a nice compromise between too dark and too light.

Do you think it would go well with the SKX009? Or would one of the others be better? Not the bracelets, but the mesh ones, particularly that cool vintage weave.

Mason Atkinson says:

Is this a guy or a girl?

Jeremy Pitotti says:

CG. Dressed my Speedy 57 reissue with a mesh and it looks a beauty. Should be picking up my new Airman 1 soon, and expecting to try it out on this piece as well!!
Mesh is a great modding option and adapts well!

Flavio Abbondanti says:

Great review! Thanks a lot! I will buy the first strap that you picked up in this video (2.8mm thickness), but I’ve read some complaints about the clasp… It seems that, after a short period of usage, the clasp starts to loosen and there is serious risk to lose your watch… Have you experienced something like this? Thanks! Best Regards

Ben Hughes says:

Really appreciate the honest review, CG. love the look of all the meshes, especially the one on your SNZH. How do you adjust the thicker/butterfly clasp versions? They looked cool, too.

K.D.P. Ross says:

Oooh, that double-weave mesh looks interesting :~}

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