Wearing your RINGS/BRACELETS the right way!

New flooded ring added to the website and you know I had to make a review on it! I wanted to share my advice on how I like to wear my bracelets and rings. Let me know what you guys think of the new diamond flat ring down below.




Karl De Jesus says:

Thank you!! Finally!!!! Rings baby!!!

TR14 Big 14 says:

You need a Flooded AP on your wrist bro because you deserve it keep working hard and you will grow as a business!

Manuel Taco says:

Braden with the heat!

Joe F says:

Great video! U can’t go wrong w a 10mm cuban on the wrist. Great for everyday.

Psycho Santanero714 says:

Skrew the rolex im going JACOJE

smobstar says:

Super pleased with the white/rose gold combo!!! Wore um this weekend and got nothing but complements!!!! Thank u Braden!!!! Impatiently waiting for the buddha’s!!!

bill and ben says:

You rock braden , saving for a 2.5 miami cuban necklace already have a gold pendant nugget to compliment it , just wondering about shipping costs to Australia wouldnt be over 50$ ay ?

Ismerai Martinez says:

Do a video of gold watch

C Leaf says:


Avi says:

Add franco bracelet to store

isman alston says:

opinion on moon cut links?

fleezuschrist 47 says:


rick rick says:

Smash smash smash we want see your tAke on the Rolex style ring

jibjones123 says:

Great video smashed it!!!

Derrick Max says:

I know pretty much nothing about jewelry but I saw a Cuban link chain 9mm 24k gold plated necklace at Walmart for 16$ it’s 18 inched is that a good product to buy

Travis Marquez says:

Ive been debating buying a good size platinum chain… in the last 5 or so years it’s fell in value from 1700 to only 800.. is it shinier then white gold?

051YoungMoney D-mOn says:

How Old Are You?

Genoveva Rodriguez says:

Finna rob yo shit

Argentum Moon Jewellery says:

Do you make some of the jewellery yourself? Or is it mostly bench jewellers you have hired?

EastSideRides says:

I wanna see a video on the diamond cross

X 000 says:

Yoo braden do you accept layaway for jewelry?

Michael Dick says:

Fire I needed this video lol

Definitely A Black Guy says:

Jacoje out here shining better than these rappers! lol

Alfredo Hernandez says:

Yesterday I went to the mall and got me a fake Cuban to see if I liked the style. Once I got home my father told me that chain looked too yellow and fake lmfao I was think about wearing it maybe people wouldn’t notice. Yeah no. Ima have to keep saving to buy from jacoje lmfao

BackPackRapFan says:

Hey braden could you make a video about the earrings you carry on your website? Interested in seeing the cluster earrings in video

• OKOZE says:

Could you do a review on Ligma diamonds?? That would be epic

Naithan Delgado says:

All dem hoes badass

Yensi Arizaga says:

Where do you keep your personal jewelry? A case?

Sam Gentry says:

Hey do you make your chains in house? If so would you be willing to make me a pink gold bracelet? Btw I just spent 600 at your shop

Jonathan Galindo says:


puto wey says:

just started watching your vids last week..and have been hooked! lol, do you make custom pendants? im really looking to get something done asap.

Tyler Tretheway says:

Love the videos man. Are you going to put the franco bracelet on your website? I love the look of that.

Genoveva Rodriguez says:


Hector Garcia says:

Show me some Cuban chokers

Your Favorite says:

*how many karats are your sideburns?*

jval733 says:

I want a franco like that, you should add to site

grayfiredc says:

David from NY here. I ordered my first chain from Jacoje, a 2.5mm rope chain. I highly recommend Jacoje jewelry: the pieces are stunning, the customer service is excellent, and the delivery is so fast! Definitely will be giving them my business in the future. I have my eyes on a flat curb or a franco.

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