What’s inside a Lokai Bracelet?

Is there REALLY water and mud in the Lokai Bracelet?? We CUT OPEN 5 Lokai Bracelets to find out for ourselves! We were SHOCKED at the results!

These were purchased directly from Lokai’s website and opened within a few weeks after arriving at our home. They were never worn or taken out of the box until this video. We did not alter them in any way and the results of our experiment were authentic. There was no “movie magic” that made the results appear what that were not.

While the results are disappointing to us, It is important to note we are only commenting on the 5 we opened and not making any claims regarding whether or not Lokai actually puts water from Mount Everest or Mud from the Dead Sea in their bracelets.

This video was in no way sponsored or influenced by Lokai or any other company or people. We purchased these with our own money and had no knowledge of what we may or may not find inside.

Big thanks to all of the people who recommended this video, it was a great learning experience for Lincoln and I and we really enjoyed this experiment.

Here is a link to Authentic Lokai bracelets for sale on Amazon if you are interested: http://amzn.to/1mKjnNJ

Here is a link to a much cheaper knockoff version of these 5 bracelets we cut open, after this video I bought this set so Lincoln could have a Camo one: http://amzn.to/1Q74i3X

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#1 tRASh CAN says:

i think it is worth it because it is for a cause …they are for charities…

Angela Baric says:

Hahahaha I’m wearing one

Om Ryakawar says:

what is inside the ps4

The Amazing Pugsly says:

idk why he couldn’t of gave his son one cuz he already cut open enough and he’s expecting for the last one that has son wants to have water in it!?!? wierd.

Nick Dickens says:

The water would of evaporated you mong so it has gases in

Butterfly Dares' says:

what if the water evaporated

Itsghostboio 56574747474 says:

The water might have evaporated

CJ Branham says:
The LitDon says:

If water has been in their for
longest time it must have evaporated

Tyler Bailey says:

Instead of buying the Lokai for the water and mud why not buy it for the charity or the organization they are supporting?

CJ Branham says:
Lain m Allen says:

mabey try to cut the clear like part


Victoria Kurth says:

The water could’ve evaporated

The One and Only Eddie says:

You have ruined lokai for me.

TDD The Diamond Dragons says:

well duh any water is probably in in the plastic like a part of the plastic

CJ Branham says:

100$ what i saw some at walmart for 1$

wildflame says:

all the water probaly evaporated

Daniel Gilstorf says:

the water dries up in silicone I would know

CAMO says:

I looked in there and I saw water

Kawaii Strawberry says:


Mohamed Abu Bader says:

cut open a pottery wheel

David Magalhaes says:

Ok I’m​ pretty sure that I saw water on the blade

Xena Lackey says:

the colored ones don’t have water but the other ones that look the same they do

Pink Astronaut says:

The water evaporates

Suly Cherry says:

the cilicon of white bead is MADE out of Mt Everest water while the black bead contains dead sea mud :s

Holly Serafine says:

maybe there not real

Luna Eclipse says:

lol I bought one from Clair’s and it had water and dirt I was like 0_0 …

Bobcraft3 says:

whats inside the other beads…

Sahad super Vlogs says:

I think the water got dried

sara Fox says:

maybe the water evaporated??? like if you agree <3

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