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Monica Young says:

Dope video ♥️

Anisha LaNee says:

I needed this thank you!!!!!

Camia Elzie says:

I’ve been waiting for this

msvanisEE says:

Ask Ivy where she got her Nefertiti necklace! She always wears it and it’s very pretty!

Lexi Ciaraxx says:

Thank y’all so much ! I have been WAITING for this video !!

Rae Royalty says:

Nordstrom stud link?? Thanks ladies

Larue Lynch says:

I always use CLEAR ACRYLIC from KRYLON!!! Keeps jewelry shining!!

LadywitSouL says:

Kendra you should frugalfindsNYC. They have cute jewelry. Especially their Nefertiti necklaces.

Sincerely, Tesh says:

Idk if yall have boyfriends or not but i cant waiiitttt for the day i see a “boyfriend tag” from one of you girls! Lol that vid is going to get VIEWS hunty!

Shaquirah Jackson says:

Princess P has a Nefertiti Necklace 🙂

Nashayla Smith says:

Thanks for sharing. I always admire you guy’s jewelry

Kajalen Pogue says:

I love the layering look but how do you keep them from rolling together and tangling while around your neck?

Marilyn Capehart says:

Thanks 11-12-18

tmitchem81 says:

The “Blessed” necklace is not original
..Simone Smith. LL Cool J’s wife has had a jewelry line with Macy’s for over 10 years. She also makes these and they are sold to online and in store. If you don’t want to wait for shipping. Just get it @ Macy’s. Just a note for anybody that hates delivery delays.

MzGraceful says:

Buy gold “filled” if you don’t want it to turn. It’s not as expensive as solid gold but still lasts long. 🙂 Just stay away from the gold plated.

Mimi LV says:

I wanted to let you know that a site called “Haireshop” has you guys pics on their website. They are using pics of your hair as advertisements for lace wigs. We all know you guys don’t have lace fronts or weave. Maybe you already know about this shop. I did email the company and I told them they have false advertisements because you all wear your real hair and not lace fronts.

UPDATE: They emailed me back and apologized; why they apologized to me; I don’t know. However they since took both of you ladies picture down.

Kayla Antoine says:

?Thanks for the ideas! How do you guys like to organize and keep your jewelry?

Trameka Brown says:

This was very helpful! Can you guys do a video on your favorite lipsticks?

nikki smith says:

Use clear nail polish to it does not turn

remanda smith says:

beautiful twins

vanillahybrid says:

That is a crucifix, I am Catholic and that is what we wear. Not sure if you 2 are catholic but it is great to see people wearing them. Of course any religion can wear them, just saying the crucifix is usually worn by Catholics. It is a beautiful symbol

Milessa says:

Gold-filled jewelry is an excellent, less expensive alternative to solid gold jewelry and is miles ahead of gold-plated jewelry. You guys should try it.

Gold-plated jewelry will turn very quickly because the layer of gold is so thin and just rubs off after a few normal wears. Gold-filled jewelry has a much thicker layer and won’t turn after normal wear. I have several layering gold-filled necklaces that I’ve had for 2-3 years that look as good as new.

juustcallmetay says:

shoutout to the intro song >>>>>>>

Ja'nae YaVonne says:

Wish I could buy everything! But I’m definitely gonna grab some pieces thanks for sharing!

Darien Anderson says:

Is the cc necklace real gold? Does it turn colors?

Kay Heart says:

I still want those nike ids u guys were talking about

Stephanie K. says:

If your jewelry turns you can go to Bloomingdales and get them dipped

bkgangstashawtii says:

When are you ladies going to do this make up looks?

Melenese Armbrister says:

Can you guys please drop a playlist video please I love you guys’ taste in music plus it’d be something you guys haven’t done on ur channel before or like a drive w/me music playlist would be so good

ImStarrB says:

Hey y’all I agree jewelry is worthwhile if it’s going to last with real gold. Is the M jeweler site the only real gold?

LoveCammi says:

I liked the video before I started watching lmao I’ve been wanting this information 🙂

Keata says:

Happy belated Birthday ladies! Love the layered necklaces, so cute. And I love this makeup look Kelsey.

Denisha O. says:

Thanks for the video! I wish I would have watched this sooner. Just bought a Christmas gift and had to pay extra for shipping, at least it was on sale!

SF says:

So ya’ll not gon do tutorials on these make up looks for real?

Story Brooke says:

I bought a pack of 3 hoops in my beauty supply store last December for 99 cents…..AND THET STILL HAVEN’T TURNED!!! And I have worn them TO DEATH!!!

Mrs.Neshia says:

Thanks Kendra and Kelsey

DanielleAriel says:

I’m sooo thankful for this video because I’ve been trying to accessorize but don’t want the costume stuff definitely a great time to level up.

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