Cartier Jewelry collection. LOVE, Juste Un Clou . How to shop for Cartier PART 1

Hello lovelies ! This is my humble Cartier jewelry collection. I love Cartier and love to share with you all. Ty all for watching and hope you love it. 🙂
Juste Un Clou video

Cartier Love necklace video


D00dst3r says:

do you wear your jewelry 24/7?

Adrian Jo says:

Haha nothing special…basics

Noah Welch says:

Hello 🙂 will you still be doing that video in Cartier ? Also I have got a juste un clou in black gold , would this match with the love in silver ? Or would it match with the love in gold ? Or would the gold and silver look good with the black juste un clou ? I’m trying to start a stack 🙂 thank you 🙂

Valentina B says:

Hands give away age honey – and yours is beautiful and youthful, no wrinkles or spots in sight! Lovely collection.You have AMAZING taste and I want the same classic pieces you have. I’m saving up to get my first love bracelet but think I will heed your advice and splurge for the love diamond and ring. Just need to loose the weight I want to loose first.

Kara P says:

now we need a van cleef video! thank you for this!

A Front Row Seat says:

What di you think about the amulette de Cartier necklace?

Aretha32 says:

I am a subscriber and enjoy your Cartier videos, well really all of them to be honest. It seems to be very hard to find Cartier videos that are not just the Love bracelet. I love your collection it is goals!

bubble sarah says:

Love the blue spinel

bubble sarah says:

How do cartier measure up for the love bangle?

peacef77 says:

YAY! thanks for this video!!! xoxo

sasuke3690 says:

Is the screwdriver solid gold? :O

holistic79 says:

I adore gold. Enjoy!

bubble sarah says:

Asthma is a pain in the butt. I’ve only recently got over a bad virus that impacted my asthma. I’m sick again!

Patricia Teague says:

Love your videos. Jewelry has been my passion as well although I haven’t really been all that interested in luxury brands until seeing your videos. May have to save up for my first Cartier piece. You mentioned a possible video of your Cartier store shopping experience. Would love to see that. Would also like to see your face when you’re not showing jewelry.☺

Susanne Koleilat says:

Hello i want to buy some cartier barcelet. How can i buy plz tell me thank u

Marty Cogley says:

Beautiful! I just subscribed to your channel! Looking forward to video #2

Doi Haley says:

lovely video ❤️ hope you feel better

Brady Maynard says:

Awesome video! Thinking about buying a white gold Juste Un Clou soon! With diamonds:))))

Ms. J. Lynn Orenstein says:


Anteroization says:

perfect, perfect girl…show your cartier jewels but never your face. classy and very old money like. enjoy then !

Nicole Novo says:


LizintheATL says:

People who say anything about fat hands are just jealous that they can’t have what you have. Your hands are perfectly fine. I wish my hands looked as young as yours. I have loved watching your videos. What boutique do you shop in? I’ve not been very impressed with the service at Cartier in Atlanta.

Yin Chen Wu says:

I totally agree!! We buy for ourselves and not for others to admire! As long as we know it’s there that’s all that matters. I love your collection! I rarely see luxury jewelry collections on YouTube, so happy to have come across your video.

Golden Clawdeen says:

How do you afford all of these?

Ruth Amisial says:

Great Video Love your jewelry and you have beautiful hands. Thank you!

galaxy cat95 says:

i think your hands are beautiful it reminds me of mom hands or like caring hands lol idk

A. Jovanovic says:

I just love your videos and collection! I love jewels too!!! I would absolutely love to see a full jewelry collection (I understand that may take some time) xoxo lex

LBlush says:

LOL! VIB! Too funny. Watching this, you made me laugh on some occasions. It is great that you are taking some negative feedback (from YouTube trolls) very lightly and you can laugh at them. That is great! Makes me laugh at them too. By the way, very beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing! Where did you get the ring you are wearing? It looks like aquamarine. Very pretty ring.

Simon Fan says:


I’m new to your channel and I found you to be very knowledgeable and experienced with jewelry. I’ve been looking into men’s jewelry for quite some time now (I don’t really wear jewelry). I’ve been searching for a 18K gold ring and I’m wondering which would be more suitable to a male: Cartier LOVE ring, Louis Vuitton Empreinte ring, or the Tiffany’s Paloma’s Groove ring?

Thanks in advance and best regards.

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