Gorgeous Vintage Jewelry Collection!!

**Music Jewelry box is actually from 1970s (oops haha). Designer is the Schmid Bros**

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Guamby Guambelle says:

Amanda Su, search Etsy for “earring pads for clip-on earrings” and you can find pads to relieve your poor ears! I collect vintage jewelry and unfortunately, yes, the clips were made to stay on! I have a lot of antique screw-on earrings too, and at least you can unscrew them a bit for relief! Be sure to search online for estate sale companies, as they often have good quality vintage jewelry and bits! Good hunting!

CherryvaleLeatherock says:

The first piece you showed from the box is called a “sweater guard”, for cardigan sweaters.

Andrea D.R. says:

it is stupid to broke something vintage spec if you in the end don’t start or even finish “project”

Yaima Martinez says:

I think I’ve seen your video like 12 times, it’s so beautiful, and so much blink on it, your voice it’s so calming too, great video.

Virginia De La Fuente says:

a manda tienes todavía el lote de joyas. y cuanto pides por todo.?

胡淼 says:

hey,do you do ads?i am from a jewelry company.i want to do business with you.please reply,thx

TheBeautifulGoldenhour says:

love your antique jewelry is so beautiful.i love lots of old pieces myself too 🙂

Catherine Glinski says:

I feel like you “under introduced” the blue crystal pin in your glass jar.
It is a Juliana D&E piece, I have the same pin in my demi parure set.
It is worth $150 to $200 I believe

Teresa Coletta says:

The box is very beautiful,The jewelry not at all

Treasure Jensen says:

Love your jewelry

Mary Madrigal says:

I’ll say this, if you are still into vintage jewelry I recommend you to browse the jewelry section on shopgoodwill.com, they sometimes sell lots of vintage jewelry

From coro, Sarah Coventry and many others

Beauty pie says:

I am only the one who watches this vidoe over and over again

Amrita says:

loved it!

Ida-Maria says:

you should do ASMR

Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

I love your video.  I also collect vintage items.  Do you actually wear any of these jewelry? or do you just collect them for fun.

Like it love it review 4 u says:

I would have liked to hear more of the music box. But you have a beautiful collection and I make projects with broken jewelry too! Why not, it’s broken. What kind of craft projects do you make?

Saydee says:

what kind of projects do you use the jewelry for

Malena Sander says:

Beautiful Pieces and the box is so Perfect ❤️ PERFECTION

Scrapgame gamescrap says:

Does anyone want to buy this cool vintage coffee mug ? https://goo.gl/acAjYq

Trace-Elementz13 says:

I Love Your Taste in Pretties!

Nor El says:

I love antique silver jewelry and especial for women, I lost my collection because my wife sold them off thinking that she got a good price and I was very childish and didn’t speak to her for 5 weeks. I apologised to her for this behavior and resently starting buying again but now I have everything locked up. I am still looking forward to finding a fabrigé piece as long as it is under 5000euro. I love your video your voice is very energetic. greetings from Tanger Morocco

László says:


Smriti singh says:


Tianna Violette says:

When you opened the top part of your jewelry box I almost shed a tear lol, there’s so much gorgeous and sparkly stuff in there. I envy you XD

OctozoidPRS says:

You have some lovely pieces , it’s all gorgeous .  They are something special to take out and look over.  It gave me much happiness to see your personal collection – thank you for posting.

chris jones says:

oh for cryin out loud empty the jar out…

Terinka14 says:

I cant believe you break apart vintage jewelry and put it on “projects” crazy to me… but I guess I am just a little bit too conservative with vintage stuff, I think it is beautiful as it is and it should be loved and not broken apart :/

Norma Lozano says:

I love this Im going to my dads mum house and he is going to tell her where is the vintage stores and thrift stores

Annie Garcia says:

How do you get those jewerly boxes?

Riana Manalo says:

Watched this vid of you more that 10 times.. just love your collection

Makeup Royal Care Cosmetics says:

perfect video. like it

Christine 123456 says:

how pretty theses items are wow.x

Karen Ellison says:

Please do not break up your brooches to repurpose them.  You may want to wear them in the future and they are so beautiful.  They also will in crease in price the longer you keep them, they are so beautiful.  The flower pin with pearl center are sweater pins.  You clip them to the front of a Carded in sweater, so the sweater does not fall off your shoulders.  You have some lovely vintage pieces of jewelry.  Have fun finding more vintage jewelry.

Trace-Elementz13 says:

OMG, that jar looks so exquisite, yeah i love the the way it looks. Don’t dump the jar out, leave it, make others drool! (lol).

j essa says:


Katherine Huerta says:

at 5:34 when you’re showing the pieces there, the little heart one with the picture of the girl inside and the rose at the top of it, my grandmother gave me the exact same one before she died. Its super crazy seeing it in your video! I never thought of someone having the same thing as I do, especially with how old it is!

Lalithaa Jewellery says:

Amazing collections.
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AntiquitiesGiftshop says:

This really is insightful i appreciate you publishing it

Mary Phillips says:

Your first items were sweater clips. Pin one on each side of the sweater to keep it from sliding off.

Hellenic. H says:

Thanku so much for sharing ur beautiful collection I also collect n brake apart old n costume jewellery if it’s fixable I fix it but like u if it can go somewhere n be appreciated go for it ay?!!!! Take care n keep on thrifting

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