Her Highness box Oct 2017 | Discount Code |Unboxing and Review | Makeup | Skincare | Jewelry

October boxes playlist https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2ufFbyS2N-jskS2ImXQ07vqx-wYgOoPh

Enter 5k subscribers giveaway https://youtu.be/WWEp0Gh55Pc

Her Highness box is a monthly subscription which is a mix of skincare, jewelry & lifestyle products. 

The box is priced @ ₹649 + free shipping a

♥️♥️Use code “LEOHHB50 ” to get ₹50 off on October box ♥️♥️

Get it here 
#Call / #whatsapp : 098719 12929
#Instagram Instagram https://www.instagram.com/herhighnessbox/
#Email : herhighnessbox@gmail.com

October boxes playlist

Her highness box https://youtu.be/WWEp0Gh55Pc

GuessWhat box https://youtu.be/FJzZaMsc5kQ
Jewel gem collections box https://youtu.be/k-5FH-ZJksk

Blingbox October https://youtu.be/IWTrUmtg0wk

Queen box @ 399
*NEW* The Posh case https://youtu.be/JeU79lLw7xc

Princess box https://youtu.be/kOzwZfTQzis

Orna box jewlry @ ₹699 https://youtu.be/t24ORDpCIdg

Orna box @399 https://youtu.be/pZAIBpIXzBQ

Cute Box jewelry https://youtu.be/1J4x49LnSYY

Frizeal jewlry @ ₹549 https://youtu.be/tsfZxU1IT0o

Frizeal jewlry @ ₹849 https://youtu.be/Vm9S8aB44j4

*NEW* The Beautyyful You https://youtu.be/2BezDtdrjWw

Thy beauty bag https://youtu.be/mfJz6fP-neA

Euphorbia at 198 https://youtu.be/G-_B576kFEc


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How to get Free samples online https://youtu.be/uW8r0DhXaaM

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₹199 Thinkfrill subscription box https://youtu.be/W82gFlsl57c

Affordable AliExpress jewelry haul https://youtu.be/yhuJfTd0xnI

Affordable Indian jewelry page on Instagram

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prasanna lakshmi says:

Lipstick shade is Wowwwwww

Poorvi Singla says:


Khadija beauty blog says:

Hey you are doing a good job. #lotsoflove

Sonia Slathia says:

Ur way of unboxing
How u gve details
Is super awesome

dharani murugesan says:

The pendent looks cute

Rumena Jish says:

Yeah yeah.. the pendant is ultra cute!!!

Ananya Gupta says:

I really like the pendant although I am not a big fan of the other choices they had this month for jewellery. The rest of the products are also useful so I wouldn’t mind getting this box.

Ankita Rautela says:

ohh i love this pendent…:)

Ruhina Taskeen says:

Hi I just love your voice and you are so beautifull. God bless you and your family.

Devika Sivan says:

The candles are really beautiful,colour is very nice

Batul Vaniya says:

Great unboxing…..n thank you for reviewing about this…

prasanna lakshmi says:

Nice pendant

Firdos salman shaikh says:

Candle diya is too cute☺

Ayesha Fur says:

Loved the wrapping paper


Luv the neck piece and lipstick

Jinti Baruah says:

candles are very pretty..I will not feel like burning these candles up at all..and pendent is very nice

bindiya jogi says:

Congratulations on hitting 5k

Sarmistha Bit says:

Nice shade of lipstick

juhi jasmine says:

Rosey candle are so pretty awesome….Nice products

PS world says:

I love the pout lipstick i love lipstick

Gangstar queen2 says:


Sonakshi Ranjan says:


Deborah Miranda says:

Really nice curation.. perfect for the festive season

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