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Liora Bennett says:

@charlesgross where did all your videos about the sugar daddy go!!!

FaithTR says:

That cuff looks awesome on you, everyone can go fuck themselves.

Denise Webster says:

Charles….. i love it when you speak french.⚜️

Cindy Kruisbeek says:

That bracelet is absolutely gorgeous!!! I think you made a good choice by purchasing this. It’s a timeless piece of jewelery.

Mosca Bianca says:

Charles, you can use Google translate to learn to pronounce French words properly. Collier is phonetically pronounced “coal yeah” (with yeah pronounced like hay). Just sayin.’

Jessica Trentwood says:

Take a shot every time he says “collar de chion”.

Emma says:

bro do you have a job? what do you do?

StudyCaseBlog says:

Im sorry please stop the french, Your pronunciation is offensive

Tovah Brinton says:

I guess I’m in the minority, but I liked the original bracelet best. It was so exotic looking and looked gorgeous on you.

Catherine C says:

Charles, have you ever watched bmwa5h channel? I think your hair would look great styled like his hair. I do miss your longer length… I can only dream of being blessed with such a great head of hair like yours!

Marcus Divine says:

Charles… it’s pronounced KOHL-E-HEY de chien.

mimi says:

Anyone saying “weren’t you minimalist” or something along those lines, you do know that minimalism doesn’t mean owning cheapo things. It’s quantity not quality. So having 1 very expensive bracelet from Hermes or Cartier as opposed to 10 cheap ones from…idk Alex and Ani (having trouble thinking of low end jewelry brands) does indeed align with minimalism.

Allie Ronald says:

So cute when chubby

AA says:

You look great!!! you are not that thin anymore a little bit fuller! soo handsome!!. and love your haircut..

Zain says:

I like the bracelet but the gold version is thinner and more attractive to me

Corrie2010 says:

RIP Cheekbones

moosemieser says:

How many kids, from your adoption country, could you help for the cost of that plain ugly stupid trinket??

Summer Liu says:


Chanelgirl says:

it’s pronounced KOL EE ER da SHE EN

Thenicestperson Afteryou says:

Where is my hair ???!!!!
You looked like a philosopher.
Actually as crazy as it looks it suits you. Your french is great, if you took lessons it would be amazing.
Btw I like Pomellato jewelry, Cartier is nice of course but a bit déjà vu ou trop vu. Ho I love your shirt couleur bleu nuit, you wore it in another video, maybe a mookbang video so I didn’t watch….

LP M. says:

Collier de chien. Jesus. Not collar de chiant

Alison White says:


booklover620 says:

Charles, mon ami,Gentle correction on your French pronunciation… “Chien” is pronounced “she en” . Much love!!

Marie Diana says:

repeat apres moi, coo-lee-a de chan—- not chon as in cochon. you seem to love the french language why don’t you take lessons.

anavrin91 says:

Where do you tend to buy “casual” clothes, like hoodies, t-shirts etc. Do you have any recommendations?

lou-anne korolischuk says:

My god your good looking

Daphne O says:

Ugh your french ! Dog is Chien, not CHON !

comnade says:


Kela Kelz says:

Im loving this new look

AA says:

Miss the length…

Red says:

I’m so happy you exchanged it and didn’t purchase another. I completely agree this fit you perfect! Also your hair cut suits you and really compliments you! I love The Charles B. Gross Vibe!

Lacy J says:

The silver is much more your vibe. If you went back to that video you’d see my comment..I said that the cuff you were wearing was soooo different from anything you’d ever worn before. Totally not your vibe. Love the silver one! I liked the other one too though!

sheldrake1111 says:

You should lookup the pronunciation for Collier de chien. The way you say “chien” sounds like you’re saying “chiant” which translates to “bloody annoying”! Just trying to help.

Niel Wong says:

Next episode: why I sell my Hermes CDC whatever jewelry bracelet

AC/DC Thunderstruck says:

Boy r u boring

Alonzo L says:

I find you hilarious and you’re very entertaining, but part of me is mad at you for ruining Louis Vuitton for me because now all I see is “loowis vootin” but keep rocking on dude and live your best life!

jurgen fittkau says:

I was growing to you with all your cleansing shit… And then this video! You are a hipocrite!

ren gon says:

You are pronouncing it wrong lol

jhayvlogger says:

been loving your skin lately! xoxo

JJ Carbery says:

Am I mad or did I just see your sister in Vermont. If not she has a double.

l ron says:

Hey Charles! been following you for a while, love your material! If you’re not feeling the CDC bracelet cuff I’d happily buy it from you! Love from across the pond X

Jen Rich says:

the cost for the raw silver is worth $50 at most so i would expect a fantastic box ! Obviously the price hops to 1 300 for the name of House of Hermés. its so heartbreaking when we make an impulse buy and then a few days later you go oh ooooh i dont like it that THAT much!

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