I Tried Fake Tiffany & Cartier Jewelry That Looks Real? FionaFrills

SUBSCRIBE TODAY! http://bit.ly/FionaFrillsSUB I tried fake Tiffany & Cartier jewelry that looks real. I am going to the actual Cartier and Tiffany stores to compare how they feel and look.

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Dupe for Cartier Juste un Clou Nail Bracelet
Wiipu 7.5inch Stainless Steel Nail Style Love Yellow Gold Plated Bangle Bracelet(a1036)

Dupe for Cartier Just un Clou Nail Ring
I’s White Gold Plated Trust Love Nail Fashion Ring Holiday Gifts (6)

Dupe for Tiffany & Co T Square Bracelet
Fashion Bracelets Titanium Steel T Style Charm Uncompacted Bracelet for Women L6.69″

Dupe for Ritani Wedding Ring Rose Gold
Womens Jewelry 18K Rose Gold Plated Luxury Cubic Zirconia CZ Princess Tiara Square Shine Ring Wedding Band

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In today’s video, I am trying out fake/dupe jewelry for Cartier, Tiffany, and Ritani. I am wearing and see how they feel and look compared to the real thing from Cartier, Tiffany, and Ritani. Besides wearing the dupes, I am going into the Cartier and Tiffany & Co stores to see how the real thing feels compared to the fake. Find out in today’s video how these dupes from Amazon compared to their expensive equivalents.

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Starry Night says:

Lol no offense but I would never have the guts to wear fake designer stuffs to an official designer store. To normal people these fakes may look real but to professional jewelers they’ll know its fake immediately.

Dú Mayumii says:

No hate, but sometimes in your videos you say that some things are holo, but they aren’t… but no hate, ilysm

Ellie Muller says:

Anyone else hate fakes? Like a lot. My parents spend their hard earned money to buy my Cartier and tiffany jewelry and all the fakes cheapen the brand…

Carlakesha says:

you pronounce it like cloo. just in case you were wondering

Lila Ben says:

Clou means nail in french and is pronounced “cloo” 🙂

Emmanuel Alvarez says:

i’m very surprised that the Sales Associates at the luxury stores didn’t give you attitude or ask you to leave when you told them you were wearing fakes, workers at luxury stores are notorious for being rude especially if you are wearing fake stuff

Catrina Knox says:

Did it turn or rust?

It's Eric says:

If you sweat your skin will turn green

Jessika Fun says:

Juste un clou means “just a nail” and the braclet is looking like a simple nail soo .. makes sense. Aand u r pronouncing it in a weird way

wendy ward says:

Some jewelry that is not real turns my skin green!! Does that happen to anybody else and what kind of jewelry should I get that won’t do that!?!?

Rainbow Macaron says:

It’s not all about the brand and the look, they are made of real gold so they do have their values. One day when you make good money and make wise financial decisions, you will truly understand and enjoy.

Caroline Gonzalez says:

as my friends mum says. Ill go to the shed and find a nail and bend it for you. hahaha

Gabby Peaches says:

What lipstick were u wearing in the video

Emily hale says:

anyone else dead after she pronounced juste un clou wrong

Jackie Bao says:

hahahahah love it

Bobi G says:

You are pretty. Can I ask where to get the glasses you are wearing? Very cute!

TheMeganWho says:

Aliexpress has ones for 1,86€!

Nina says:

I love this video! Could you do more like this? Maybe with the Cartier Love bracelet? There’s many duplicates on Amazon. Or maybe more Tiffany jewelry like the heart sets and earrings?

Anat Verthimer says:

How can I talk to you?

Esmies world says:

The fake one looks better then the real one

Jessica Strom says:

Anyone that knows jewelry can spot that from a million miles away. It’s not going to fool anyone. But if you like the style go for it.

228217338 says:

The material and finishing just looks so cheap and is no where to be compared to the real ones. I can tell straight away that it’s fake and I don’t even own these peice.

12 34 says:

Irk how old are you fiona

Zoe smith says:

ok honestly u bother me so so so so much. and u don’t know how to talk u stupid asian

maria elvinia says:

the real thing is perfectly made and it doesn’t fade. you are just fooling yourself! the real ones can be handed down for generations to come…

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