Is jacoje fine jewelry legit??

Purchase, authentication, recommendation.
I do not have any affiliation with Braden or jacoje.


Amanda Gonzales says:

Wow you had $3000 to spend on a chain damn what’s your job??

JimmyP says:

I got a14k solid 3mm Franco from Jacoje and love it.

gerard moore says:

A common error people make during the acid test is scratching from the bail rather than the middle of the chain or something.
Can you tell me where they tested the chain? Did they use acid or a machine or both? Thank you for the video. Liked and subbed.

tienphotographer says:

his logo is trash though

cluekills says:

can you do one on jewelry ?

VINO Mnzno says:

go check out his channel

tyrus hawk says:

Is a 20mm rope good?

Smart Money says:

Jacoje response…..

TechnoOneShot says:

This was a good buy, i also found this place there prices are unbeatable and there really high quality, give them look i dont shop any where else.

Danny D says:

Man I wish I could afford a Franco. I purchased a 4.5 mm flat curb off jacoje which I love but I really want a Franco. They’re so damn heavy tho the price tag is pretty big lol

pina ismael says:

So is he legit?

Winston S says:

Jacoje is overpriced trash

M. Abdul Rahim says:


Franz Isley says:

Speak up I can’t hear you

Thad Dempsey says:

This dude jacoje complains about clasp size but put this huge shit on here

Brayant25 says:

Dude, does it say where it is made in stamp on the chain as well as the 14kt stamp? reply asap thanks

Rodrigo Videos says:

Jacoje checks out to be legit I bought 3 2 thousand dollar chains from him never spent so much online so I was very skeptical they showed up and they checked out to what he said 100% reliable source to buy gold from.

BJJ Fiend says:

Jacoje is the real deal. Glad more & more folks are catching on to him.

lady love says:


Pedro Segura says:

Bought what u wanted but dont get back what you payed for it… Be wise before u regret havn lose pockets

Fernando Gonzalez says:

You think a 3mm Franco would be a good size? I’m not into thick chains currently have a 2.2mm rope chain which stylish but really want something more out there and heavier

Jay buey says:

Is it solid gold though is the question

goldbearbunny says:

he is awesome

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