Jacoje Fine Jewelry Review with written update

A review of my experience and purchase with Jacoje Fine Jewelry. I have no association with Jacoje Fine Jewelry other than as a recent customer.

UPDATE 10/10/17….In the video I mention that I didn’t know how Jacoje’s return/customer service policy was like if you have a problem…. Well, a couple weeks ago, the clasp broke on my chain. I contacted Braden and he immediately got back to me and said he’d reimburse me if I got it fixed locally. It turned out, the local places were going to charge me quite a bit, so I contacted Braden again, and he had me ship it to him for repair. I paid a few bucks to ship it to him, and he repaired the piece and fedex’d it back to me. Total time….maybe a week and a half (including shipping both ways). So…he’ll sell you a piece of jewelry, and take care of you if there’s a problem. I would have NO hesitation to order again.


Asole Hem says:

He was right too I have a 2.5mm rope, and it does seem small, you might as well have bought a 1.5mm instead of a 2.5mm that’s how visually it appears from far away,, but luckily I like small rope chains for pendants so the pendants can stand out more

Robert Stoudt says:

this guy jacoje has the best quality great video

Giovanni Moncada says:

2.9mm is class and sophistication my man. I have a 3.0mm rope chain like yours and I wouldnt go any wider.

Peter Nunez says:

He has awesome videos. I wanna get a chain from him…


First like! *smash*! I’m glad you like your new rope chain. Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make this video. Making YouTube videos isn’t as easy as people seem lol. Sorry about the FedEx tracking issue, I will look into that. Thanks again!

Muyanzi Reid says:

It would be better if we saw the chain a little closer. But I’m sure it’s good coming from Braden.

Gulfcoast.Casey says:

Tull1996- what stamp/marking is on your rope chain?


loved this review, I’m thinking about buying a 2mm rope chain. He’s legit the only guy I can trust when dealing with gold on the internet tbh

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